R U EclipseD ?

Amazing Coincidences ⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️🔘⚪️ God has set the stars (& planets) in the heavens for “signs,” and told us so “in the beginning,” before there were people on earth, or sin, pagans and astrologers to mess up His “sign” meanings. God has said so throughout the Bible. (Genesis 1:14-15) First: 1.These facts are given to awake people… Read More R U EclipseD ?

Adult at Age 12

My friend Graeme Howitt said: It does not require a genius to understand the plain truths of the Gospel. If this wasn’t so, then the Gospel would not be for every creature, but only for the elite of mankind. Christ told us to preach to every creature, meaning every person. ⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️⭕️ Also, I will add… Read More Adult at Age 12