Can We Be A “Tree of Life”?

20140109-195901.jpg Can We Be A “Tree of Life”?

Some may confuse the 9 gifts of the Spirit, with the 9 fruits of the Spirit. The former Is given by the “Spirit dividing to every man severally as He will” (1 Cor 12). In other words we do not strive to obtain a “gift” (such as tongues) but the “gift” by its very definition, is just that – a “gift” from God, “as He will” – whereas, the “fruits” are by definition, that which a tree produces, according to the kind of tree it is (Galatians 5:22-25). 20140628-093824-34704243.jpg If we are as a “Tree of Life” to those around us & all those we meet & touch, then we shall bear all 9 of these “fruits” & (if possible) maybe even “12 manner of fruits” in all seasons (year around) so that God can use us, & even our “leaves…for the healing of the nations” (Rev.22:2).
The web site for the beautiful mosaic above of “The Tree of Life”: 20140628-093823-34703761.jpg


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