Cry for Help

A letter I wrote in response to my friend
(Letter is below)

Hey – got your message just now this morning. I am going to help, but also I will be working in my home doing some blind work (off and on). Your message however, sounds a little conflicting. You said:

“I’ve read a lot, shared a lot, but no one is listening or seeing, Maybe we need to change.”

I believe you hit the nail on the head. If we are not living up to all the light that God has given us – then, yes, no one will hear us (or at least take us seriously).

It is human nature to look at the life of the speaker – not so much where that person lives or even what he wears, but they look at that person’s lifestyle; such as John the Baptist. He wore a rough garment and lived in the wilderness (the bible doesn’t even say where in the wilderness). But it appears that John was a strict vegetarian, didn’t drink alcohol (or take drugs), dressed in a “rough garment” – he was a Nazarite (Numbers 6 – I believe the 144,000 are also symbolized in Jeremiah 35, as the Rechabites – more about that later).


But mainly, we are to follow Jesus (John’s cousin) Who wore nice clothes, had well-kept Nazarite long hair & beard, but no home at all (once He left His mom to begin His ministry). NEVERTHELESS, JESUS DID NOT LEAVE HIS HOME, UNTIL He got the signal from His Father. Likewise, we are to remain where we are, until God signals it is time to go.

Jesus ministry was mainly to take care of the personal needs of people, forgive their sins AND give them just a little bit of gospel. The majority of His teaching was for his 12 apostles and disciples. The people were only receptive to the gospel after Jesus healed them, or fed them or when their sins were forgiven. SO, WE LEARN FROM THAT.

Find out what people NEED. THEY MAY BE CRYING OUT, but we are NOT “Listening”! If at all possible, we must find a way to relieve their suffering. I know you like helping people – God has given you that great gift. YET, sometimes it may appear that someone needs food or healing, but that their GREATEST NEED is that their “sins” be forgiven – like the paralytic that was let down through the roof for Jesus to heal. YET, JESUS knew that what this man needed FIRST was his sins forgiven! ONE of the greatest gifts we can give to people is to pray for them, have Bible studies with them or give them a piece of scripture that fits their need. Jesus gave us a clue in John 4:31-34

“In the mean while his disciples prayed him, saying, Master, eat. But he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of”

ALSO, we have counsel from our favorite writer, to give out THE GREAT CONTROVERSY to the world. This book was written mainly for the LAST DAYS. because of this book, my life was altered dramatically, but I had no teaching whatsoever from the Bible growing up – so…I made a whole lot of mistakes as an early Christian.

NEVERTHELESS, a lot of people have had their lives changed radically, through reading The Great Controversy that someone gave them. The church has countless stories that have flooded in, due to THIS BOOK. I believe you may be able to download a PDF version of it – so you can do that, but you need to send a note along with that website, that will peak the interest of those you encourage to read. THEN, YOU ALSO COULD SEND LITTLE SNIPPETS OF THIS BOOK to your friends (email or Facebook), by “cut and paste” method.

CHOOSE THE LAST CHAPTERS, the dramatic, or relevant paragraphs for these times. REMEMBER, people may not always appear to be listening, YET they really are AND when that crisis comes, they will remember what the Spirit told them through you.

I DIDN’T MEAN TO WRITE SO MUCH, so let me pray some more and think more about this and I’ll get back with you,
Your sister in Christ.

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On Jan 29, 2014, at 8:18 PM, my friend wrote:

“Marion… I want to put a message on my wall to everyone… I’ve read a lot shared a lot but hardly anything is about our Father… It’s about politics someone sick or dying or a lost or found dog or a banner with a saying… Some are christians some are not… Time is short… I’ve not given up on ministering for God, none is listening they have ears but can’t hear, eyes but are blind – they have blinders on like a horse…money, cars, cell phones, new houses, recipes, video games, clothes, shoes… I got I got, get sick of it all or had it all, now have nothing… Did we ever think it could be us.. Maybe we need to change… Sometimes I feel. Like saying just what did you do for God today??? I know what’s coming… I want them to know too… Please help me write something… I’ve been packing and moving everyday and trying to stay warm About to learn to be carpenter no help…got to get trailer fixed… Can’t be much different than building a birdhouse”

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“The Great Controversy” book in free pdf form:
ALSO, here is a DVD on this book –


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