M I R A C L E S — today?


I was listening last night to the George Noory interview of Greg Braden and the natural power field that, not only surrounds us, but all of our so-called “empty space” (which I, like our host and guest, believe that it is NOT empty)- and he spoke with (& saw) people/monks who could levitate, etcetera – [sounded like they were the Buddhist monks and nuns of China (but really am not sure)- are there Buddhist nuns?] – he also saw miraculous healings. That they claim to access this field by their own thoughts.

Well, it is true that our thoughts DO affect the field around us, & therefore the outcome. Yet, there is a caveat. Our thoughts and actions, must show that we are accessing this power through an entity (or entities) connected to our spirit. OUR OWN SPIRITs are TOO WEAK TO ACCESS these powers on our own.

It happened right after the fall. HOWEVER, BEFORE THE FALL, God had given Adam AND Eve some natural abilities (how much is unclear). Yet, when they sinned, they switched their allegiance, from God, to the serpent. Thus it made them too weak to access natural powers on their own. God’s Son immediately stood in the gap, and gave us a second option to use – power directly connected to God. All other connections are indirectly from God, such as connections made through demons – or, in ignorance, use of biofeedback (not knowing from where the power generates – so neither should anyone speculate, as to whether this source is of God, or of demons). IN FACT, I did access this “biofeedback” power when I was a young lady and desperate to rid myself of migraines. Of course, it also helped that from the age of 14, my mom told me that I could make my headaches go away. Everybody believes their mom, right? It was later when I realized the connection between my health problems and diet. The problem was not in my lifestyle (at the time). I was an avid cyclist, swimmer, “sun-worshipper,” rest and work advocate, and I did eat a pretty healthy diet – but I needed to take it to another level.

ONE THING IS CERTAIN – we absolutely need to be connected to a “spirit” source, or a direct link to God Himself. As in the case of Peter, when seeing Jesus walk on water; Peter asked if he could try it – Jesus bid him come, but as soon as Peter took his eyes off of his DIVINE SOURCE (which was JESUS) then Peter began to sink. He urgently called out for Jesus to save him (Matt.14:25-33).

Jesus tells us, that we will do “greater” works than He did, but we are never to take our eyes off God (John 14:12). All other miracles, if not of God, are of the devil (Rev.13:13-14).

That’s Right – BECAUSE we have these “self-help” books. The MOVE NOW it seems, is towards more of a prominent “spiritualist/spiritualism” type of belief system. The theme is to acknowledge that “spirits” exist, and that “yes, they can assist, when it is necessary, but actually I can do this on my own – thank you very much.” These modes of belief will fit right into the hands of the coming worship system of our “One World Government.” How can that be? Our Government is NOT interested in worship? Okay if that is true, what was Ronald Reagan doing with the Pope, in bringing down communism? Then why does Revelation 13:8-9 tell us: “And all that dwell upon the earth shall WORSHIP him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. If any man have an ear, let him hear.”

Ah hah, but this is the catch! Oh, but we have the proof:

1) levitation
2) “self-healing” and/or “group healing”
3) a mixed bag of “miracles”-
NOT! well, NOT without the “spirits” helping (unbeknownst to us – HEY, they are not called “spirits” for nothing, you know). SO ONCE AGAIN:

1) It is either GOD helping you (for He is “Spirit” – John 4:23-24), OR
2) GOD’s angels (they are called “ministering spirits” – HEBREWS 1:14). OR
3) Fallen angels, also called “demons.” AND/or some ADHERENTS of this system could have the help of their leader, Lucifer, otherwise known as that serpent, the old devil, the great dragon – kicked out of heaven in Revelation 12:9.

WHY NOT? Because the dead are asleep – all, except for a few handful, like Enoch, Moses, or those taken as the “firstfruits” after Jesus’ resurrection. The dead are asleep in the earth, either to awake to newness of life, or to face JUDGMENT DAY for their crimes committed while on Earth. The punishment phase of that decision, carries with it the death penalty. (death, meaning DEATH, not some disembodied state). GOD GIVES A VERY STRONG WARNING ATTACHED TO SPEAKING TO THE DEAD (so called).

A] I will gladly Email you THE VERSES for sleep,
B] Likewise, THE VERSES for the determined end of HELL and DEATH and SIN
C] and VERSES for the END of WICKED PEOPLE (and all of the pollution brought to our world)

OKAY, now back to the scripture that proves we are too weak, in our present state, to completely utilize the electric field that surrounds us, etc.

~Hebrews 1 & 2 explains: We are made a little lower than the angels (for now). Yet we are still God’s “crowning glory” – in that, we will be higher than not only the angels in heaven, but also higher than all the other created beings on other worlds (Heb.2:5-7). No, we cannot contact these beings. They are sinless, because they never ate from the test tree planted in the midst of their gardens. We have been quarantined on this prison planet, until our scheduled release date (Heb.1:2;11:3).

~Don’t forget – Peter walking on water needed to keep His eyes on Jesus. He had no natural power of his own (Matthew 14:25-33).

~Adam & Eve in the garden, having to toil by sweat (Gen 3:17-19).
When I was working on this, God was sending me all kind of hints to get this thing posted. One hint came from my magazine subscription for “LIBERTY,” which had on the cover “Powerless Prayer.” It is this month’s issue (March/April 2014). You can read it for free online. You ought to check it out: http://www.libertymagazine.org


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