3rd EYE SECRETS – open Naturally

MY RESPONSE TO A FRIEND, concerning a web she sent on the 3rd eye:

VIP – WARNING ! WARNING ! do not try to open your 3rd eye through unnatural or artificial means. God is gradually opening the 3rd eye/pineal gland for people who are seriously looking for truth, following that truth, living that truth and finally revealing that truth to others.*

The pineal gland (aka 3rd eye) has been discovered to have characteristics similar to our outer visible eyes (specifically, the retina). And possible connection to schizophrenic behavior.+ This gland has “cones and rods” as well as a connection to our brain’s “visual cortex” – as do our eyes. It is filled with, and surrounded by water, and has more blood flow through it than any other part of the brain. The ancients have long known about these properties – hence, the name, “third eye.” This can only mean one thing – God has placed within each living creature a spiritual eye. Our Western culture has either disturbed this process and/or brought about its calcification. We are in danger of EITHER causing irreparable fissures to open in the protective shield, due to unnatural processes (such as flooding the mind with psychotropic chemicals) causing a sudden release of hormones associated with our dream state and possibly affecting our sanity; OR properly and carefully opened, we could embark upon a deeper walk with God, experiencing the spiritual world around us, in appreciation of nature and mankind. THUS, bringing about a serious division of interest and interaction with our fellow man. Jesus called this “a sword” and the “separation” of “sheep” from the “goats” (Matt.10:34; 25:32-33). Jesus also referred to this condition, as “the light” of the “THE eye” AND “the light that is IN thee” – could it be that He is referring to THE 3rd EYE?:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matt.6:22-23)

OPEN 3rd Eye through:

1) N.E.W.S.T.A.R.T.
a) NUTRITION: food/pure food/organic & raw (ideally 80% to 100% raw);
b) EXERCISE: gardening, walks – any activity, with a good portion outdoors;
c) WATER: pure clear enriched water – inside & out/baths, steam/steam rooms or by breathing in mentholated treated vapors from a steaming pot, or hot teas;
d) SUNSHINE: can lower blood pressure in 15 min; control diabetes; regulate bodily functions. Expose at least one square inch of skin for about 15 minutes (or more) daily. Morning light has been scientifically proven to be healthier light. Has more beneficial ultra-violet light and less likely to cause skin cancer;
e) TEMPERANCE: abstinence of the harmful, careful use of the beneficial and judicious use of healing herbs;
f) AIR: lots of oxygen/clean air/forest air/ocean air – negative ions, &/or steam;
g) REST: “complete” rest (restful rest) & routine sleep/rituals followed; finally,
h) TRUST IN GOD: the most important, when all of the above is not readily available OR cannot be reached – such as those who are bed-ridden.

YET, be aware that all of the above is critical for a fuller spiritual walk with God, as well as the opening of the 3rd eye and is much easier to achieve, if each of the previous conditions are met.

2) The solid rock foundation of TRUST IN GOD, can be achieved with much better firmness and reliability, only if a steady stream of “virtue” is being poured into the soul, through the vital connecting points that God has placed within the reach of most (as the child, Jesus experienced in His homeschool studies of scriptures, carpentry & in launching His ministry, by starting out with a super-conduction self-induced abstinence of all food for 40 days in Matthew 4:1-4; so that at some point, this stored-up “virtue” could be released – as attested to in the story of the woman who touched His garment, when “virtue” was felt leaving His body in Mark 5:30.

Here are the ways God has revealed Himself:

a) nature/forest environment, or at least an outdoor experience*** – such as walks, digging in the earth, going barefoot, growing and/or harvesting either garden produce, or wild growing foods and herbs (Romans 1:20 “For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead”). Even shut-ins would be benefited by indoor water falls, house plants, turtles, fishes & (for responsible and/or physically able persons) possibly a larger “pet.” Soothing, relaxing brain-nourishing music should be played quietly in the background, while going about light housework. Yet turned off for heavy-duty thinking, studying & calculating work;
b) God’s sure Word, the Bible – especially, the Spirit-filled, anointed King James Version – if available. OR, if there is a serious organic/physical/mental reason that the KJV cannot be understood, then the New King James. (Yet God can use any version/anything to save);
c) GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT – His voice impressing the conscience (“still small voice,”- 1 Kings 19:11-14,18). OTHERWISE called the inner voice, that God has given each living soul that has ever lived (even animals – though their decisions do not carry the same type of eternal consequences)**;
d) FINALLY, GOD has been known to send special angels to reveal some truth to people living in desolate locations, such as the dense, deep and dark interiors of the Amazonian jungles. Missionaries, upon arriving, have been astonished to find that these people groups were not only waiting for them, but had some knowledge of the Bible.
*there are other ways the pineal gland is being “forced” opened, besides through magnets or drugs (such as LSD, which “may” permanently crack it open). It could possibly be cracked open through hypnotism, spiritualism/talking with the dead or demons – and by means, undreamt of in our minds. Safe way to possibly make some restoration to this gland is by taking “Melatonin” – the natural hormone that restores restful sleep. The Pineal Gland produces this hormone, but apparently not enough due to stresses or damage. +Studies have shown that lack of sleep, eventually causes the pineal gland to remain open. It is this condition, that researchers think, plays a part in schizophrenia. That is, the lack of sleep keeps this gland on “open” continually. They found that schizophrenic persons tend to not get enough sleep, which the Melatonin would supply. As a result, the schizophrenic mixes their “dream” life with “their “real” life. [It is of this author’s opinion, that lack of sleep for the developing child’s brain is what may then bring about the schizophrenic condition (usually manifested around the age of 20, or perhaps later, in the slower developing child). Lack of sleep in the adult, after the brain is fully developed, would not necessarily bring the schizophrenic condition on. That would present a whole new set of problems (such as Fibromyalgia). Like stated previously – this is just my opinion].


**There are consequences when animals are disobedient, as proven in Genesis 3:1,14. Some may argue that God was speaking to Lucifer/Satan, alone. Except zoologist have discovered the shriveled legs of pythons and boa constrictors, tucked under their scales, due to the curse that was placed upon snakes, as a result of the snake’s decision to allow Satan to use him. This was willing demonic possession (as opposed to unwilling possession, demonstrated in the swine, as recorded in Mark 5:1-20). The serpent’s DNA WAS DAMAGED, resulting in the loss of genetic information, which over time caused future generations of shriveled limbs [see the science report below]. The curse on the serpent was not something God caused, but the natural result of devil possession. God allowed this condition to manifest itself in the serpent; and what God allows, He Personally accepts responsibility for its cause. This is an important theological point that one should keep in mind when reading the Bible. There would be less questioning of God’s goodness, if we all understood this important fact! Also, check out the book or film on a true possession story of 2 lion brothers, “The Ghost and The Darkness.”


“Snakes lost their legs by growing them more slowly or for a shorter period of time until the legs eventually disappeared. – Legs on snakes likely disturbed some form of movement, such as burrowing, rendering the legs useless. ….Some, if not all, snakes used to have legs, and now new research suggests snakes lost their limbs by growing them more slowly or for a shorter period of time. ….its legs must have become less useful as the animal evolved over time. ‘If something is not useful it can regress without any impact on the (animal’s) survival…’. For the study, Houssaye, from the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, and her colleagues analyzed a fossil snake named Eupodophis descouensi. The prehistoric snake lived during the Cretaceous Period in what is now Lebanon.

To better examine the snake, the scientists used a new imagining technique called synchrotron-radiation computed laminography (SRCL). With an intense, high-energy beam of X-rays, the SRCL deeply penetrated the fossil as the researchers rotated it. The result was thousands of two-dimensional images that were later compiled into a three-dimensional model of the ancient snake’s hips and ultra tiny .8-inch legs.

‘Synchrotrons are enormous machines and allow us to see microscopic details in fossils invisible to any other techniques without damage to these invaluable specimens,’ said co-author Paul Tafforeau from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility.

The new 3-D model determined that Eupodophis, in its lifetime, had two small regressed hind limbs and no front limbs. The leg visible to the researchers was bent at the knee, possessing four anklebones but no foot or toe bones. The high tech imaging further showed that the internal architecture of the leg bones strongly resembled that of modern terrestrial lizard legs.

Houssaye said “the legs were very regressed” in this snake, which she added is not the world’s oldest snake, but it comes pretty close…. . Najash retained a sacrum, a bony feature that supported the pelvis….”.




***Outdoorsy type? Then connect with scientist in a collaboration to gather specimens out-of-doors:
Everyone is welcomed to use any portion of this “post” as long as “credit” or “link” is made to this site. Thank you for your “follow,” “like,” “comment,” OR support in any fashion or form you may choose to use. God bless.


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