Panther in The Mist

I saw a black panther near Many, Louisiana. I was visiting a blind man and his wife. They lived right up against an heavily forested area (possibly a reserve), at the end of a very long road. As I was stepping out their door (about twilight) this large shadowy figure comes strolling out of the darkness, crossed their lawn and melted into the mist that had settled across the backwoods. I stood in shock and awe and thought this must have been a dream. I gathered myself, stepped back inside, and asked my hosts about the possibility of there being such a creature as that, living amongst them. They said, “yes, but they say he’s just a myth.” After a few minutes, I figured it was safe enough for me to hurry on over to my nearby car. I think of this often, but I can’t get it out of my head – that it all seemed to be just, a dream…

Though lately, I’ve begun to think that there is more to this “feeling” I have of my experience, than “just” being “a dream.” I’ve been doing some dabbling into the study of cryptozoology (the study of animals whose existence is disputed). It seems that part of the experience of seeing such creatures as (let’s say) a Sasquatch, is that some people doubt what they saw. It could be that this is a psychosomatic symptom, because most people, upon seeing a Sasquatch, are paralyzed.

Some believe that the paralysis is due to fear. But other field biologist, or cryptozoologist, or zoologist, or whoever is out in the field studying animals (not necessarily Bigfoot), generally say that the animal sends out infrasounds, undetected by the human ear, for the purpose of paralyzingly their prey (as in my experience?). It is known that elephants communicate long distance through infrasounds. There is reliable evidence that tigers paralyze their prey. There are also others who study the electromagnetic field that surrounds us (our aura?) and all living things.

It may be possible that humans had (or have) these gift, but that we lost it along the way. I believe our domesticated animals have lost some of their spiritual qualities, that their wild counterparts still have, yet have retained more than their human handlers.

This may seem off the beaten path, but it’s been observed that babies have a secret language and communication skills. They use a sign language. Twins have their own verbal cues, and native language could be delayed, because of this. It could retard social and/or (?) emotional development.

NEVERTHELESS, there is much about the spiritual world and animal world that we do not understand. Even less do we understand the spiritual world of our domesticated animals, much less the free born (wild) ones in nature.

if you wish to understand more about the electro-magnetic phenomenon, see a Post that was Published by David Claerr
Artist and Published Author Certified Adobe Expert:
[unfortunately, this yahoo site does not pull up the article, so I’m posting it in full (temporarily) at one of my others Blog sites:



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