Present Truth

WHAT does PETER say about PRESENT TRUTH? We are told in 2 Peter 1:12 to “be established in the PRESENT TRUTH.”

“Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the PRESENT TRUTH.”


“Present Truth” is packaged inside of “prophecy” & will become ever more increasingly brilliant, as all around us the world grows darker, “until the day dawn.” ___________________________________________________________________________

“We have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until THE DAY DAWN, and the day star arise in your hearts” (2 Peter 1:19)

We may apply many of the great literal, historical and actual events from the Old Testaments (& even New Testaments) to our day – JUST AS DID JESUS in the retelling of Jonah and of Solomon, comparing these stories and biblical figures/people to Him, or His day (Matthew 12:39-42).

Jesus compared “Sodom and Gomorrha in the day of judgment” (which is a reference to “our” day) – that means we are free to do the same, for we are “in the day of judgment”/”Day of Atonement” NOW! (Matthew 10:14-23). It is apparent that “Sodom” is a good metaphor for our day, as Revelation 11:8 points out, as well as did Jesus.

The typical “Day of Atonement” in the Old Testament was a LIVING depiction of the TIME PERIOD in which we find ourselves living. We are now living “in the DAY of Judgment” that Jesus referred to above. ISRAEL of old enacted scenes for the Last Days, just as surely as would an actor upon the stage. We are LIVING in the anti-typical “Day of Atonement” of the LAST DAYS of which “Sodom and Gomorrah” was a microcosm of the scenes to be played out during this “JUDGMENT” period (Lev.25:8-13)

27 “Also on the …day of atonement: it shall be an holy convocation unto you; and ye shall afflict your souls, and offer an offering made by fire unto the LORD.
28 …to make an atonement for you before the LORD your God.
29 For whatsoever soul it be that shall not be afflicted in that same day, he shall be CUT OFF from among his people” (Lev.23:27-29) – compare this to Ezekiel 9.

The literal, historical and actual events in the Bible are frequently used as symbolic comparisons pointing to Jesus, and to our day: SUCH AS the coming of “Elijah.” Jesus said that the actual Elijah/”Elias” became ALSO symbolic of the “spiritual” Elijah/”Elias” (Matt.11:14-15); of which John was the fulfillment (Luke 1:17).

Jesus was the fulfillment of “spiritual” Elisha [Elisha, NOT Elijah] – with many comparisons pointing to Jesus

HOWEVER, there will be a 2nd spiritual/symbolic fulfillment in “the coming of Elijah.” We can read that in Malachi 4:5 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.” *

This LAST DAY group will fulfill this symbolic prophecy to its FULLEST, in that when the 144,000 walk the Earth, they will walk with the fire of God in their belly, as did Elijah; and when Jesus comes, they will be carried upwards to heaven alive in a chariot of fire! (2 Kings 2:1-11; Rev.7:4; 14:1).
ANOTHER well known comparison is that of the 1st fulfillment of Joel 2:28-32 in Acts 2:15-21. Of course, there will be an even more dramatic fulfillment in The Last Days, as revealed by the Spirit of Prophecy. When the “latter rain” begins to fall, there will be plenty of skeptics saying that people are CRAZY to believe that what they see happening, before their very eyes, is the complete(d?) fulfillment of Joel 2. Peter attests to this fact in — Acts 2:

13 “Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine. 14 But Peter …said …be this known unto you, and hearken to my words: 15 For these are not drunken, as ye suppose… , 16 But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel.”

This then would make the literal, historical and actual events in Acts 1 & 2, as symbolic for the FUTURE of the pouring out of the “latter rain” – for our present time – to the fullest extent; and that people will be “mocking” us – can you handle that? No, but God can handle it for us!

Jesus said, the works He did, His disciples will do “greater” (John 14:12); and Jesus was “mocked,” and others said He either had a “devil,” or that He is crazy/”mad” or “beside Himself” – John 10:20; Mark 3:21. His “friends” and family even(?) were guilty of thinking He was “mad” – see vs.30-35.

Acts 26:24 gives us an example of how people would come to that conclusion: “…Festus said with a loud voice, Paul, thou art BESIDE thyself; MUCH LEARNING doth make thee MAD.” Jesus’ family also thought He was spending too much time “learning” God’s word – “others said… He deceiveth the people” – John 7:12.

Have you noticed – people are fearful of being “deceived” – why is that? Was Jesus ever “deceived”? No, because He knew “His Father,” for He knew God’s word. When we know The Father, through His Word…The Word, Jesus Christ, then it is impossible to be “deceived.” Revelation 14:1 says we will have “His [Jesus’] Father’s name written IN our foreheads” – we will be sealed in The Word in the seat of our judgment center, where we stored The Word, and “His Father’s name.”

The devil’s people will be sealed with the serpent’s seal “IN their right hand or IN their foreheads,” where people either have stored the “all deceivableness” word IN their minds or IN their hands, obeying the beast through their “works” – believing the devil’s lie (Rev.13:14,16; 2Thess.2:10). The same lie that he used on the woman, Eve – “yea, hath God said…”. Obviously, Eve was not paying attention to WHAT “God hath said,” or she could not have been “deceived” as 1Timothy 2:14 said she was; OR, maybe she thought God’s word irrelevant. MODERN woman and man have learned to question the authority of God’s word – including what God said “IN the beginning…” (Genesis 1:1). These are especially vulnerable to deception.

OKAY, Jesus DID warn us in Matthew 24 to “take heed that no man deceive you.” That is, Jesus warns the disciples not to ALLOW themselves to be deceived (v.4). He never said that they would be deceived. Jesus does say that the devil “shall deceive many” (vs.5,11).

NOTE: “the elect” WILL NOT be “deceived,” because Jesus said, “if it WERE possible… ” (v.24). Why is it that “the elect” will not be deceived? Because, they follow in Jesus’ footsteps.

NOW. As far as our present situation, we can then see how the Old and New Testament’s literal, historical and actual events can be seen as “symbolic” or “spiritual” fulfillments.

SO, we may hold these word pictures up to the “light” and place them right down on top of our present events, as they unfold. It’s as if you were to take an outline of an old photo on transparent plastic and place it down onto a new photo and see the same picture (or the merging of the two).

This would not be speculation, but “spiritual discernment” of “spiritual things” (1Corin.2:14). This would not be “guessing,” but actual clear interpretation of events as they unfold, in the “light” of scripture – God’s word. We are to incorporate 1Corinthians 12 into our thinking. One “mark” of God’s Last Day true Church is evidence that ALL the gifts of the Spirit are present in “the body of Christ” to the very end, “That there should be no schism in the body” (vs.27, 25): “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant…Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord…” (vs.1,4-5).

We tend to only focus on the gifts we may have, or the gifts that we have deemed acceptable, and completely IGNORE the GIFTS that seem to be STRANGE to us. Some “ignorance” has at its root, the word “IGNORE” – when we choose to “ignore” the truth, we are willingly “ignorant” of it.
SO, in deciding that because we have not that particular gift, AND ignore it as if it does not exist in the church, is tantamount to “DENYING the LORD” – this is the same type of sin in Jesus’ day, that eventually led to His betrayal and crucifixion (2 Pet.2:1). After all, Peter denied His Lord and was in danger of hell-fire! AND judas, one of the 12, betrayed Jesus and lost his soul. Both chose to IGNORE Jesus’ words pointing to the prophecies concerning His suffering, because they thought these prophecies (and Jesus’ words) too strange and/or irrelevant – even in the face of explicit evidence at the transfiguration, when the 3 “spake of His decease” (Luke 9:28-31,35). And in John 6, when Jesus said that they must “eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood” (vs.53,67).

So, we must be careful to NOT “deny the Lord” or the prophecy pointing to The coming “judgment” day, BEFORE Jesus comes, as outlined in 2 Peter 2:1-9 and in Revelation 22:12 and in Hebrews 9:26-28 20140623-193330-70410914.jpg PRESENT TRUTH cannot be discerned, unless we guard the doors of our heart, mind, and mouth (to what is going in, and going out. Since joining Facebook, I have let down my guard). Jesus had first established healing, so He then could establish “truth”:

“Intemperance has filled our world, and medical missions should be established in every city. …and their work is to prepare the way for the establishment of PRESENT TRUTH. Medical missionary work should have its representatives in every place in connection with the establishment of our churches. The relief of bodily suffering opens the way for the healing of the sin-sick soul.” —Medical Ministry, 322. – {CME 19.3} **

IN ORDER to understand these COMPARISON PROPHECIES and “PRESENT TRUTH,” we are to engage in Bible study, and earnest prayer, asking “God for an understanding of the true meaning of His word.” ____________________________________________________________________________

*read also free pdf download of “The Desire of Ages”:
** “Medical Ministry” free pdf download:
20140624-114216-42136421.jpg _________________________________________________________


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