“The Metric Fallacy” — the book

I happened upon this study, when I began writing: “Unique Horn” and also asked the question: “Would GOD Use Mythic Creatures to Represent Himself?”

Q: What’s with Napoleon? A: He had great disdain for the Metric System, and threw it out.

I THEN ADDED to my post on “Unique Horn”:
[just a side note: the inch is the closest to that perfect measure that was used to build the Egyptian Great Pyramid. So if anyone says to you, “why don’t you Americans switch already to metric?” Just say, “well, we’re pretty much close to ‘perfect’ already – so, why would we switch!?” – also, I found out that the metric system is bogus, and that it can be taken to its limits, whereby measures are completely wonky*].

*The Metric Fallacy by Frederick Arthur Halsey, Samuel Sherman Dale – read also Chapter VII, “Is The Metric System Better Than Others”


“The metric system was adopted in France by a compulsory law of the most drastic character in 1793. That law remained in force for nineteen years, or until 1812 when, under Napoleon who had no faith in the system, the law was repealed and the people were permitted to resume the use of their old measures which soon received the official title the Systeme Usuelle — a name which, in two words, tells the whole story.

“Under relaxed laws, the French people immediately reverted to that truly universal system in which twelve inches make a foot, three feet make a yard, and sixteen ounces make a pound and this practice continued for twenty-five years, or until 1837 when the metric force laws were reimposed,1 and they have been continued in force until the present day.

“Why did the French people revert to their old system as soon as they were given the opportunity? Are not nineteen years of enforced use sufficient to demonstrate the advantages of the metric system if such ad vantages exist?

“What explanation of this experience is possible except that the French people found the old system better than the new for the uses to which a system of weights and measures is applied? What other explanation is possible of the general persistence of the Spanish system in Latin America after more than a half century of tutelage? Is it not clear that the people everywhere do not like the metric system because they find it inferior to the older system for the purposes of everyday life?”

This is from page 83:

The movement for the adoption of the metric system has as its basic assumption the belief that the system is better than the standard system. It is true that some who have tried it report that they find it better, but others who also have tried it report that they find it no better and even not so good. THE VERDICT OF FRANCE It is, however, both impossible and unnecessary to take a census among these people because the overwhelming judgment of the world is against the system, while the clearest of all verdicts comes from France. The metric system was originally promulgated in France by compulsory law in 1793. This law continued in force for 19 years, or until 1812 when, under Napoleon who had no faith in the system, it was repealed, and the people were permitted to resume their old measures. This they did at once, reverting to the truly universal system in which 12 inches make a foot, 3 feet make a yard, and 16 ounces make a pound.”

This is critical to understanding why there is much hostility to the English system of measures – it is an attack on Protestantism. This was also part of the elitist desire to blot out the 7 day week – a system instituted by God at the very beginning of creation in Genesis 2:1-3; and substitute a 10 day week, with a 10 month year, and a 10 hour day. It is now scientifically proven that all life operates on a 7 day circadian rhythm. This forced system drove the French crazy and were exhausted all the time!

Check out this anti-metric site:http://www.dozenalsociety.org.uk/metrix/pontius.html




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