The Man Electric

All living upon the earth were vibrant and electrically charged. All was light and beauty. Colors were dazzling, with much more intensity and variety than known today. Man had ability to recognize spiritual dimensions and emanations unknown by him today. The animal kingdom however still has retained a little of these qualities. They are able today to sense the things we cannot see, smell, hear, touch or taste.

Canines are able to taste and distinguish separately the individual favors, which have been thoroughly mixed together in their food. They are able to distinguish smells apart from all the other smells. They hear specially made dog whistles – we can’t. These are rather mundane examples, that just touch upon the most spectacular among all our senses, which have been lost to us and lost (to a lesser extent) among our domesticated animals. Yet among the creatures of the wild, their senses remained heightened, though not as originally designed.

CHANGES in Nature

From the time of Eden to our present day, there had been many changes in the DNA of creatures which live upon this Earth. There was never death, so all living things were plant eaters. They gained their sustenance from the electrically charged vibrant green growth, the brilliant colorful flowers, or their fruits, nuts and seeds produced.20140713-185841-68321508.jpgThe animals which now prey on other living creatures, over time, had developed the tools necessary for such an existence. Their claws and teeth grew longer and sharper. The lions and tigers in God’s original Garden had duller, shorter and more rounded claws and teeth, as they peacefully munched on the vegetation.

It appears when animals (or man) which have eaten meat previously and then switched to a plant based diet, that eye teeth become less prominent – apparently receding back into the head. Meat eating is also related to more aggressive behaviors, and is (according to one web site) connected to length of eye teeth. See the info below.

“… Your canine teeth, also called eye teeth, are located to the left and right of the lateral incisors. These teeth may indicate your personality. If you are an aggressive and powerful person, your canine teeth are pointier, more prominent, and longer than your lateral incisors. If your nature is to be more passive, then your eye teeth tend to be more flattened and less prominent. If you are a complete pushover, then you probably have very tiny canine teeth (quick—go check a mirror!).”

God has promised, all this will be restored in the Earth made new: “The lion will eat grass like the ox” – Isaiah 65

We marvel at the complexity of the Hubble telescope, with its ability to focus for days on a (supposedly) piece of empty real estate in the vast cosmos, and see many galaxies peppered across the Creator’s heavenly canvass, clear back to almost the beginning of time/space. Yet, this telescope is an invention of mere mortals, and cannot begin to be compared to God’s living biological machines of wonder, and beauty, delicately timed and “fearfully made.”

ORIGINALLY, God had endowed our first parents with telescopic and microscopic vision. Even after the Great Flood, our DNA still had fewer mistakes then we have now. Most (like the Hubble) could train their vision upon distant stars and with persistence recognize the planets within our Solar System (as well as those further out) – identifying the rings of Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.    [1] 

Actual X-Ray photo

Ellen White, a gifted and Godly inspired writer, understood that Adam could see the purposes of God, in the equations visible to his eye, on every leaf and flower, spiritually connecting in concert with his microscopic vision.

Actual X-Ray photo

In heaven, we will “grow up as calves in the stall,” eating 12 manner of fruits, producing an abundance of varieties throughout the 12 months of the year, and including the “leaves of the tree for healing.” We will revert back to God’s original body design plan; growing to full size, which will reach somewhere (give or take a couple of feet or 2) around 10 feet to over 15 feet in height – as well as width, in proportion.

Once again we will become creatures of electric neon light (Malachi 4:2; Revelation 22:1-5), as was and is Jesus, along with His shocking, glowing white curled mane, that will also mark His closest followers – the 144,000 (Rev.1:12-16; 5:5; 10:1; 14:1-5 see Ezekiel 1:26-28, as well)20140713-174830-64110096.jpg
HERE IS A SNIPPET OF Ellen G. White’s thoughts on the “holy pair,” as they were before the entrance of sin (which afterwards caused our world to grow dark). We have lost out on the beneficial electronic regenerating plasma charges surrounding the bubble that encompassed our globe.

The First Students.—
The holy pair [Adam and Eve] were not only children under the fatherly care of God, but students receiving instruction from the all-wise Creator. They were visited by angels, and were granted communion with their Maker, with no obscuring veil between. They were full of the vigor imparted by the tree of life, and their intellectual power was but little less than that of the angels. The mysteries of the visible universe—“the wondrous works of Him which is perfect in knowledge” [Job 37:16.] afforded them an exhaustless source of instruction and delight.

The laws and operations of nature, which have engaged men’s study for six thousand years, were opened to their minds by the infinite Framer and Upholder of all. They held converse with leaf and flower and tree, gathering from each the secrets of its life. With every living creature, from the mighty leviathan that playeth among the waters, to the insect mote that floats in the sunbeam, Adam was familiar. He had given to each its name, and he was acquainted with the nature and habits of all.

God’s glory in the heavens, the innumerable worlds in their orderly revolutions, “the balancings of the clouds,” the mysteries of light and sound, of day and night,—all were open to the study of our first parents. On every leaf of the forest, or stone of the mountains, in every shining star, in earth and air and sky, God’s name was written. The order and harmony of creation spoke to them of infinite wisdom and power. They were ever discovering some attraction that filled their hearts with deeper love, and called forth fresh expressions of gratitude. – {CE 207.1}

So long as they remained loyal to the divine law, their capacity to know, to enjoy, and to love, would continually increase. They would be constantly gaining new treasures of knowledge, discovering fresh springs of happiness, and obtaining clearer and yet clearer conceptions of the immeasurable, unfailing love of God.—Patriarchs and Prophets, 50, 51. – {CE 208.1}
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[1] “All of the giant planets in our solar system have rings: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Jupiter’s ring is thin and dark, and cannot be seen from Earth. Saturn’s rings are the most magnificent; they are bright, wide, and colorful. Uranus has nine dark rings around it, and Neptune’s rings are also dark, but contain a few bright arcs.”  

Ancient civilizations could see the rings of Saturn:





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