“Pet of the Week”?


She was called “Pet of the Week” – so, how cum they made her sleep in the back yard?!

I was inspired to write this story about Dolly, when I saw the Cat Whisperer post (Jackson Galaxy), & read about a dog named Leo, who died. In honor of Leo, his owners adopted a cat – “what?” But then I saw a video about a dog named Lilica who I believe to be a type of wild “Dingo” breed (that looks similar to our Dolly), which I’m beginning to think that these breeds are worldwide. I’m hoping I can post the video on Lilica and post a photo of the “cat” adopted in honor of the “dog” Leo!


I like the Cat Whisperer guy, but since this is a “dog” story (let’s not forget “Leo” The DOG) – SO, I’ll tell you the story of our “Dolly.”

We had just adopted, from the Humane society, a dog called, “Lady.” She was a beautiful Collie mix, but seemed a little ornery. We took her to get fixed & discovered she was too far gone with heart worms. I had wanted a special dog for Charlie, and we were sick.

I feared it was our fault, because we did not pray about the “type” of dog we should get. Though (for personal reasons) I had secretly prayed about getting a dog for Charlie. (We were strong believers in the counsel given us about animals in the Last Days, so it was a decision not lightly made).

Well, before we got Dolly, I told God, “Whatever dog you pick for us, then I’ll accept that decision.” Charlie had gone by himself this time. But when he came home with Dolly, I almost told him to take her back. We both had really wanted a small fluffy dog. But…I remembered my promise to God. Besides, Charlie told me that she was the only dog there at the Walmart parking lot, where the Humane Society had set up (he had gone early & all the dogs were not there).

Charlie told Dolly, if you can jump in the truck, I’ll take you home, but then you’ll have to pass mommy’s inspection. How could I make him take her back? Besides – I was reminded again about my promise to God!

She was 6 months old when we got her, and took her straight to the Doggy clinic. We told the Vet, “she will be an indoor dog.” As it turns out, Dolly had a history, it appears, and the Vet said incredulously, “An ‘indoor dog’? She’s an outdoor dog!” And I said, “Too bad, she’s gonna be indoor now!”

Charlie & I have never regretted that. She was potty trained in days, with no real incidence. She never whimpered when we showed her sleeping quarters… OUTSIDE the bedroom.

She slept all the way through the first night – and ever since. She never cried to be taken outside to potty. She never chewed any shoes, or entered a room without permission.

We could put a plate of food on the floor, leave the room and she would never touch it – heck, she never touched any food that even dropped to the floor – even though (one time) it was her favorite food and stayed on the kitchen floor for about 2 hours.

She never barks much – and one time (when someone entered our back yard unannounced) she grew 3 X her size, roared like a lion and tore out the open sliding glass door. Thank the Lord that the man jumped the fence in time! (Service man used wrong entrance). Strange enough though, she was always happy to see the service people that delivered mail and read the gas meter, etc. I’ve never had a dog that was happy to see service/delivery people – ever!

She never tried to escape the yard, except one time (early on) when a cat flaunted her tail in Dolly’s face. Yet, after I scolded her, she NEVER once has done it since. Not only that, but she won’t go out the house doors, unless we invite her – even if she sees that hated cat next door.

When she’s outside, she will stay put, if you ask her – yes, EVEN when she sees the “hated” cat next door (these are the only 2 things we’ve taught her, for her safety – the rest mentioned she did on her own – even so, we only had to tell her JUST once. So I can’t really say we had to “train” her).

She always looks into our eyes, when we talk to her and listens for instruction. I used to tell her when to eat and made her sit before I fed her; but she is always polite, never crowds me and never gobbles her food. She’s a methodical eater. So, I really quit telling her to sit, because she always waits way far away, while I fix her food.

I’m sure there are many more things, but either I can’t recall them or I might think you are bored already. One more thing. We think she’s an American Dingo/mix. American Dingoes are wild Native American dogs that have also mixed with domestics. Their DNA matches up with Dingoes in other parts of the world.


She’s typical of the American Dingo, in that she has a tawny coat, with a thick darker ridge down her back, past the root of her tail – almost to the tip. She appears to have a harness about her shoulders and neck – all these are guard hairs (I think), which are thicker than the rest and will stand up to make her look larger.

She has almost classic facial features, with brown, almond shaped expressive eyes; as well as all those characteristics named above. Her feet are smaller and more agile than most dogs. She uses them as hands and climbs like a mountain goat.

Unfortunately, Dolly is presently 15 lbs overweight, due to a genetic disposition. The other flaws she has are folded ears, and a shorter muzzle than her wild cousins. Dingoes have erect ears, with a slightly longer muzzle than our Dolly.


AND other American Dingo owners have the distinction of not wanting to stop talking about the wonderful qualities inherent in their Dingo.

Though she’s been spayed, will mark her outside territory ONLY (thank you God). This is due to other “inferior” animals present around our property. I’ve seen her stand guard, if she feels I’m inattentive, or very busy doing other things. You can tell she has more male testosterone than other female dogs, and is packed with muscle, especially in the hind quarters and chest. The local cats, in crossing over into our yard (without 1st asking) have been surprised by her speed and ferocity – almost to their regret.

She is not afraid of other dogs (or anything) and will go head to head and toe to toe with any who approach her (yet without guile or aggression – what you see, is what you get… calm, assertive, beneficent power). She has tried to bite the lightening when storms come, and places her body between us and danger. She doesn’t think we have the sense to know a true threat, even if it were to hit us over the head – she’s the bravest dog I’ve ever seen, bar none!!

Oh, another thing she used to think we should be able to read her mind, if she were to stare at us deeply and long enough. Alas! She has given up and now has started to speak to us in “our” language, after these 5 years we’ve had her. Her vocabulary consists of woofs, yips, barks, grunts, even humphs and chirps (oh sorry – that last vocal may be coming from our wild bird we inherited). Also, snort, sniff and gurgle (oh, maybe that’s the wild goldfish, we found swimming in the creek out front-just kidding, he gulps, not gurgle).

Anyway, God sure knows how to pick a winner – even if the cover looks a “little plain” to us at first. We love her dearly. She has the most expressive eyes I’ve ever seen (especially when she wants to flirt with someone (well anyone – she loves everybody). But one thing we know for sure – she is willing to lay down her life for us (at least as long as we keep brushing that sweet spot she has near her tail!).


I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR “like” OR “comment”please feel free to speak your mind or choose your “like.” I PRAY FOR ALL THOSE WHO “follow” OR “like” OR “comment” – even if I don’t agree with you. I’m never offended. I ❤ you guys, AND appreciate ALL those who “follow” (and actually read my posts, too!)  😀

PS: For a “wild” Christian experience, go to http://godinterest.com/RawWholesomeWord

Also: Raw Word – natural state on Facebook, and


This “meow, meow” (what Dolly calls a kitty) & YouTube, is in honor of my friends “Harley” and “Seriel Killer” (and “Skeeter” too)


Here is YouTube on Lilica (I told you about):


Here is an excerpt & more info at:


“During the last 30 years, the capture and study of free-ranging dogs in remote areas of South Carolina and Georgia has revealed the existence of dogs of primitive appearance fitting the typical long-term pariah (i.e, primitive/dingo) morphotype. These Carolina Dogs physical appearance suggests a dog created by and preserved through natural selection to survive in the remote lowland swamp and forest land regions of the southeastern United States, They closely resemble types of dogs first encountered by Europeans near Indian settlements in the region as is evidenced by paintings, drawings and written descriptions made by these early explorers and settlers.

These Carolina Dogs have been brought into a captive breeding program. Several behavioral traits have been discovered that appear unique to these Carolina dogs, and many behaviors labeled as primitive are consistently manifested. Such behaviors include pack hierarchy, communal pup rearing, regurgitation for pups, and organized, cooperative hunting.

Preliminary mitochondrial DNA testing performed by the University of South Carolina’s College of Science and Mathematics shows a possible strong genetic link between Carolina Dogs and other primitive breeds like the Australian Dingo.”

Here is Dolly on the “look-out” for “meow meows”


Dolly is a serious dog – she likes to do a lot of thinking



I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR “like” OR “comment”please feel free to speak your mind or choose your “like.” I PRAY FOR ALL THOSE WHO “follow” OR “like” OR “comment” – even if I don’t agree with you. I’m never offended. I ❤ you guys, AND appreciate ALL those who “follow” (and actually read my posts, too!) see me also at: http://godinterest.com/RawWholesomeWord   😀


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