How Old the Universe – much less, the Earth?!


The Earth (& most likely our Solar System, as well) are only 6,000 years old. However, the angels and the rest of the Universe, along with the countless and myriads of other sinless beings on far flung “worlds” are much, much older.

Read Hebrews 11:3 and compare Isaiah 45:18 – God did not “create” the other “worlds” in “vain” either.

Nevertheless, we are God’s “crowning” creation (Heb.2:6-7). We are the “cherry” on top of the “whipped cream.” We were/are a special creation, the only in existence made in God’s “image.”

    All the other sinless beings are not strange looking aliens, wishing to visit with us, but observe us from afar, because we are a prison planet. We were the only ones to have thrown in our lot with the adversary, Satan. Adam and Eve were young and vulnerable – an easy prey for when Lucifer was ousted from heaven (Rev.12).

Yes, our Earth is only around 6,000 years old, and we are sure of this Earth’s age, through the study of God’s inerrant word. However, as you know, no where in scripture does God outright state: “This Earth is 6,000 years old.” That is WHY the skeptics (Christians who believe in Theistic Evolution) rail against us – they, like the Pharisees, are ALWAYS looking for definitive or absolute proof! But, God does not allow that – except, when it comes to the salvation gospel.

In other words, God will ALWAYS have hooks for skeptics to hang their hats – even for the “Christian” skeptics. Jesus refused to give the skeptics definitive and/or absolute “proof” that He was the Messiah. Jesus stayed away from positive statements that He was the Messiah, except in certain circumstances, or in private conversations (such as with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4:25-26).

God does the same for us, today. Those who search the scriptures diligently, with a sincere heart for truth, will be shown by God, text that appear to be “hidden” to those who casually read their Bible, or who just skim its surface (Prov.25:2).

Like Peter, we may surprisingly know the answer to questions that have alluded others, but ONLY because the Father has revealed it to us through His Spirit . Jesus emphatically pointed this out to Peter, in order that he might NOT glory in the discovery of truth (Matthew 16:13-17; 1 Corinthians 1:29).

We know NOTHING, except what God has given us to know! (John 7:15-17; 1 Corinthians 2:12-13; 2 Thessalonians 2:13).

SO, we must be very careful, not to fall into that same trap.

We do this when we ignore important texts pointing to a much older universe, thinking that (at worst) this is an unimportant matter what scripture says about this subject, or at best, the text revealed have not been “strong” enough for skeptics. And, as far as Christian skeptics are concerned, the subject of other “beings” who have remained sinless, have stayed loyal to God, and live on far flung planets in the cosmos – some, for millions of years, are of little consequence, and could “cloud” the much more “important” history of our very young, and recently created Earth!

These text, at first seem to be an irritant, and may even be touted as divisive to the brethren – an hindrance to the preaching of the gospel (whispers, the devil). Yet, this very knowledge may prove “key” to staying the course, during the onslaught of aggressive attacks against the DEEP truths of our beloved Bible (God’s Holy Word to us) as a warning letter from a loving Heavenly Father!

Like the scriptures that “strongly hint” at this Earth being only around 6,000 years, we similarly have scripture that “strongly hint” at our universe being much older than that of our young Earth and possibly young Solar System, that Earth is surrounded by (and on the edge of our “young?” Galaxy) in one of the Milky Way’s spiral arms.

God HAS NOT made these text as plain statements: these texts are as treasures couched amongst the rich and bountiful fields of His words – much like He has done, concerning the Earth’s age of about 6,000.

Yet, that did not stop theologians from finding and “seeing” the truth God had “hidden” there, as a “secret” between Him and His people (Amos 3:7). AND it is only been as recent scientific discoveries, made through telescopic observation, which has caused Christians to “bow-up” at ALL the evidence – “throwing out the baby, with the bath water.”

Though, there was one gifted individual, who before the days of our greatest scientific studies (1860s), had discovered the truth of an ancient universe and an ancient Lucifer, who had been bathed in the Light of the Glory of our God, as a “covering cherub” since the inception of “time,” over the millions of years that had rolled by, as if in a dream. Yet, had chose to turn his back upon the Father and Creator God, because of “pride” in his own beauty (Ezekiel 28; Isaiah 14:11-16).

This lost creature Lucifer, had been SO blessed with abundant light, that there was no way a Savior could ever hope to redeem him. Unlike, Adam and Eve, who came fresh from the Creator’s hands, and had not the opportunities, of an ancient angel immersed in God’s Light and Love.
What is of grave concern, is that some of the evidence, which proves the existence of other worlds, the Adversary has taken and twisted the meaning, causing men to loosely misapply and then also lose sight of other beings we should be desiring to meet up with some day, after the sin problem is completely eradicated.

YET, the worst of the damage, is how this twisted scripture was taken and developed into a damaging and egregious doctrine of the most bazaar sort – blatantly ignoring plain statements made by the Creator Himself, even while visiting us here on Earth. This twisting will actually actively prevent some from EVER entering into Heaven’s gates!

There is no way that I can present the facts of these statements here and now. This will need to be handled in a separate post(s). There are other issues connected with this study that would need to be delicately addressed. God never demeans anyone, but some may look upon this study as demeaning – yet, when brought to its fullest conclusion, is the most elevating of God’s salvation doctrines, as any heretofore ever known. We will exclaim – “God does save to the uttermost!” For we will have the most amazing proof of this fact.

I will one day post these facts, but how soon is up to those that read this post and are interested enough to encourage me to post “sooner, rather than later.”

Even just one person who “likes” – as well as those who are skeptical, would be a “welcome” sign to me. I’m never offended by opposing views, or healthy skepticism. I myself was skeptical of the things God gradually began revealing to me – yet, God never stopped His forward motion in working with me.

Please either “like” or “comment,” but I hope you at least read these things I post. God bless every one, I ❤ you guys 😀

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