“How Old the Universe…” – Part 2


God’s Heart
[CAVEAT – see the END of this “Post” ]

THROUGHOUT THE BIBLE GOD REVEALS: The Three Person Godhead. God revealed Himself

“IN the Beginning… “

[it was here that God gave His HEART, at the very beginning of the creation of our universe. Let us hear God tell us His story]


“IN the Beginning God created
the heaven and the earth”

which depicts “heaven” as God’s Spirit….a vast infinity, and

The earth” as that blue formless ball of liquid, surrounding the red hot core of a clay-like fireball

God pulled back the curtain, and revealed that there were Three Main Elements to His Nature:

The heavens, which were suddenly filled with light (lights) – to depict The Spirit (Gen.1:3)

The earth’s solid heart (once the blue liquid was gathered into pools in Gen.1:9-10) – revealing that beautiful red-like clay; an assortment of various shades of red, ranging from deep pink, flaming oranges to fiery hot burnished brass – all depicting the Character of God’s Heart, in the Person of His Son (Eze. 1:26-27, comparing blue sapphire stone in vs.26; 10:1 & Ex.24:10)

Those gathered blue pools of liquid, were placed in deep pockets of the red clay surface, as veins of rivers or grand craters to cradle the soon-to-be abundant “living creatures” that would float leisurely through their faery world;

The vast majority of this amazing stuff, was sequestered beneath the clay soil and solid rock in reservoirs of giant Amazonian type rivers, heavily criss-crossing the cavernous underground of our planet, as major arteries to feed our Earth’s mass.

It’s life-blood and major source of nourishment. It’s moisture seeping through the pores, to keep this biological machine in fine tune, humming as it spun and danced and pirouetted through its vast domain of space.

As a top and kite without its string, twirling and floating free. This depicted the Father as that blue liquid sustaining all, and as our God Who wears the reds and blues and golden lights of our World (Ezekiel 1:28; Rev.10:1)



A blue ball, surrounded by “the heavens” (Gen.1:1-2). This represented The Godhead in all the EONS, AND EONS before there was anything created.

If we had eyes for then, we would have seen a “darkness” “without form” – even an appearance of a “void.”

If our eyes would have been spiritual, we could have seen a roundish blue mass dominating the scene, even as the infinite “darkness” enshrouded that Form.

This is how God has chosen to reveal Himself, before creation – that is, The Father enveloping the Firey Hot Form of His Son, as His Center, His Heart.

The vast universe, as seen by our scientist to be billions of years old, certifies that our GOD IS OF OLD AGE:

“Of OLD hast Thou laid the FOUNDATION of the earth: and the heavens are the work of Thy hands. They shall perish, but Thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt Thou change them, and they shall be changed:

“But Thou art the same, and Thy years shall have no end”

“Bless the LORD, O my soul. O LORD my God, Thou art very great; Thou art clothed with honor and majesty.

“Who covers Thyself with light as with a garment:

“Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain:

“Who lays the beams of His chambers in the waters: Who makes the clouds His chariot:

“Who walks upon the wings of the wind:

“Who makes his angels spirits; His ministers a flaming fire:

“Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever. Thou covered it with the deep as with a garment… (Psalm 102:25-27; 104:1-6)

The cosmos depicts OUR ONE GOD as Infinite, complex as the galaxies, varied as the many colored stars, mysterious as all the gases, dark matter and dark energy, and on and on!

The sudden explosion of “Light” would then indicate that God had begun to create.

That is, “the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the Waters” representing that of The Holy Spirit brooding over the Father, as The blue water-like garment tore, and out exploded His hidden “Light.”

The Father’s bosom seemed to bleed, when in violence, suddenly appeared the Fiery Red Heart of His Son as “The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” and with it the revelation of all Who God is, in One single Flash of Genius – LOVE….

“God is Love” – how clear, how succinct and what a decisive moment it was – our God, Who chose to reveal Himself and risk it all! Our God, The Son, cut Himself out of the Fold of The One GOD (Rev.13:8; 1 Peter 1:18-20; 1 John 4:8).

It was then, this “Lamb slain” is seen as shades of clay reds, predominant over the surface of Earth’s blue pools, but subservient to the dominant underground vast quantities of ever-flowing, life-giving source.

The Son is now ready to be the Front Runner of The Godhead (“the Firstborn of every creature”). *

From here on out, when creatures would begin to come forth, they would need to go through The Son (their Creator) for an audience with The Father – In that God’s Son emerged as the visible God, and The Father sequestered as the Invisible God, behind His Son, screened with a vail. *[1a]

The Father chose to veil Himself, in a long blue train and be revealed through His Son, as Isaiah 6:1-6, so dramatically hints at. *[1b]

It is God’s Son who was chosen to be “the express Image of God” (Heb. 1:1-3) and for eternal ages, will always be.

It is here that we see this fact expressed in Michael, the Archangel. Why is God’s Son seen as an Angel? (reputable bible scholars through the ages have known God’s Son as Michael – Acts 7:33-38).

It could be that angels, who were the first creatures, were then made in the Creator’s Image (Michael the Archangel, which in translation means “Who Is Like God? – Chief over all the angels”) OR [2]

Michael could have chosen this form, in order that He might draw near to His very first created beings – cloaked in an angel garment, He would be more approachable, touchable.

If He had kept His original form, the other beings could not had been able to feel and know God, much less see or even be near – for we are told: “our God is a consuming fire” (Heb. 12:29).


Did not God reveal Himself in the VASTNESS of all, through and by His creation of the UNIVERSE?

Then, did not GOD reveal Himself by the creation of a teeny tiny infinitesimal dot, called Earth? In studying the Earth, have we not seen (explained above) how God’s nature is revealed?

(We can NEVER fully understand God’s nature. Neither does this piece actually do justice to God’s true nature).

God SO then revealed Himself as capable of in-dwelling with man in the smallest of places, as the heart, AND explained in and through the creation of man, a dust mote upon the face of a dot (with all due respect to God, do we dare compare to when “Horton Gave a Who”?):

How SO, did GOD REVEAL Himself?

Adam “alone”:
The image of the Full Godhead (within him – both the “Y” & “X” chromosomes. “Male and female, as Genesis 1:26 reveals)

Adam and Eve, with their “light” garments, in marriage as “one flesh,” in Genesis 2:22-24

Abraham & son, Isaac. The sacrifice of “the Lamb of God, slain…” (Gen.22:8; Rev.13:8)

Isaac & diametrically opposite twins in one womb (Gen. 25; Rom. 9:13; Eph.2:12-24)

Jacob, the patriarch with His two wives (& their two maids):
The 1st one unattractive & “hated” – as are the Jews
The 2nd one beautiful & “loved” – as is Woman Church (Gen. 29 & 30)
The maid concubines, as to inclusions of Gentiles & sinners, even as Christ had taken upon His Divine nature, the flesh and body of sinners (of which Gentiles were a part, as we also see in the story of Ruth, the Moabitess, in the Book of Ruth 4:10-22 in connection with Jesus birth in Matthew 1:5,16, as a relative.

Through “Israel…My son, even My firstborn,” says “the Everlasting Father” (Ex. 4:22; Hosea 11:1; Isaiah 9:6)

Christ, The Stem, The Root, The BRANCH (Isa. 11:1-2,9-12; Zech. 6:12; Rev. 22:16), as
The 2nd Man, Last Adam (1 Cor. 15:47-49)
The Rib (Jesus) of Israel/The Adam Nation (in “a deep sleep” Gen.2:21; Rom.11:8; Isa.29:10), Who gave birth to the Woman Church out of His riven side, as a broken in two (pieces) heart of God reveals, the splitting up of one “blood” into two streams. The one stream of blood solids, the other stream of clear serum/water (John 19:33-34)

Heavenly High Priest of the Family of God, even as Adam was priest of his family (Heb.7-9)

And Finally,
The 144,000 as the representation of the full Godhead, “…unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ” on Earth (Eph.4:13; Isa.11:10,12)
A people out of the 4 corners, 4 winds, composed of 4 parts that make up the 4 walls of New Jerusalem, facing east, north, south & west (Isa.43:5-6; Rev. 7:1-9; 21:12-14).

And “4 Faces of God” as portrayed in Ezekiel 1:10. [3]


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Let me know your thoughts….

[1a] Colossians 1:15-19 “[God’s Son] Who is the Image of the Invisible God [Father], the FIRSTBORN of EVERY CREATURE: For by Him [God’s Son, Jesus Christ] were ALL things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: ALL things were created by Him, and for Him: And He is before ALL things, and by Him ALL things consist. And He is the Head of the body, the church: Who is the Beginning, the Firstborn from the dead; that in ALL things He might have the preeminence. For it pleased the Father that in Him should ALL fulness [of the GODHEAD] dwell”

[1b] God’s Son is represented by Adam, who was seen “Eastward of Eden, as “alone” in the Garden, but had hidden within his flesh, a secret being. This being was invisible to all the creatures and angels who looked on with bated breath. Then creation gasped, when behind the veil of flesh was seen the glorious sight of the Woman, a further revelation of God, who had been “builded” westward “of Eden.” It had been close to sunset, as the last moments of day were near to slip into dusk.

She wore a massive queenly train of blue-black tresses, cascading down clear past her shapely legs and delicate faery feet. Her luscious locks curled, frothed, rolled and glistened all around her voluptuous form. The moon had just appeared in outline to peek out above the heavens, when a star or two twinkled their approval, as God “brought her unto the man” for holy matrimony (Gen.2 & margin notes).

SO TOO JESUS, in order to depict that He came not to represent Himself, as He did in the Old Testament (but now here to REVEAL the FATHER) wore a veil of massive “Nazarite” train of hair, as indicated in Matthew 2:23, and depicted in Numbers 6 and illustrated by Samson in Judges 16:16-19, 29-30 and even by Nathan the prophet in 1 Samuel 1:11, as well as seen by Isaiah, in Isaiah 6:1.

Yet, stripped of this veil of hair, to reveal the sacrificial “Lamb” of the shorn Son, prophesied in Isaiah 53:7 & 50:6.
[2] Lucifer was the highest angel ever “created” (NOTE: specifically, the word, “created”). He was not “an” Archangel (Chief Angel), for he was “the anointed cherub that covers” over the Father (Ezekiel 28:14). So he could not be “Chief” over the angels, though he was the top angel (created being). There can only be ONE Chief, or else there would be confusion). His problem was that he desired to be “Chief” – however, God’s Son held that position! (Isaiah 14:13-14).

Lucifer held the highest position in heaven than had any created creature could hope for. Yet, he will be brought down as the lowest, most vile creature ever to have lived.

This is written into God’s law as a natural consequence of seeking for high positions in the world (“he that is first shall be last” and “greatest shall be least”- Matt.19:30; 23:11-12; Mark 9:35; Luke 14:7-1).

God created Lucifer to be the “highest” creature, the “greatest” creature and the very “first” creature to ever be created, in order that we might see how this desire to be “highest,” “greatest,” and “first,” would be played out.

God did not set Lucifer up to fail – no, no, no!
God knew Lucifer would have in his heart to be all these things mentioned above. So God wished to give Lucifer every chance he could, by giving him what his heart would desire, in order to take away any excuse for those desires to ever rear up their ugly head inside of him – for he was already the first, highest and greatest created creature to have ever lived.

Ultimately, no matter what position we have been placed in life, God wanted us to see that any desire to be “Lord” over others, is a desire to finally wish to bring God down off His throne and place “self” there!

Any competitive desire to be “first” over others, or to be “greatest” over others, or to be the “highest” in authority over all, is a desire to kill God Himself, take His throne and crown ourself “King.”

These desires prove that we have “murder” in our heart and are willing to make God look like a “liar” – when, in fact we are the one who “lie.” This is the type of “liars” and “murderers” Jesus was talking about in Revelation 21:8, that will not ever enter into heaven, just as their “father the devil” in John 8:44. Compare Romans 3:4.

A “lie” is not some words you say to little old women about, “how good they look today.” OR some deception you create, when hiding innocent “lambs” from the wicked “wolves” who come knocking at your door (Matt.10:16-17).

IN FACT, if you treat people rudely (by telling them “the truth”) God frowns on that (Proverbs 12:18,22-23). If you reveal the hiding place of innocent “lambs” over to wicked persons to “murder,” then God calls that person a “traitor” – just as He did Judas, who betrayed Jesus to the wicked leaders of His time (John17:12; 13:10,11). You are then destroyed along with the other “murderers” in “the lake of fire.” (Prov.14:25; Rev.21:8) *see info below on “lie”
[3] I have in rough draft on paper, a piece spelling out in simple illustration, of “The 4 Faces of God” that Ezekiel had been shown in vision (Ezekiel 1:10). If one or two people would show interest, I will Post on a blog.
* info on “lie”:
I have a 30 page document (by no means exhaustive) of a study on the definition of a “lie,” as well as that of “Betrayal.” If you would like a copy, I would gladly produce a copy for a small donation to cover costs. It’s a colorful, “outlined,” “boxed-off” and interesting, as well as eye-opening piece. Just ASK FOR:

“STARTLING old TRUTHS in NEW LIGHT: The Lie about The Lie – Betrayal at Its Core”
“We must first know the Bible grammatically, before we can understand it theologically” — Melanchthon, Luther’s friend
I had to put this twice, in case you missed it:
Please “like”/hate, “comment,” “follow” or don’t “follow” 😀 – but let me know what you think, and I promise I won’t get mad at any serious, honest replies. I might get sad 😦 but not mad :-/

I don’t get my feelings hurt (very easily) and just ❤ it, when someone even notices that I “Post” (not to mention that they actually “read” what I post!) 🙂

Let me know your thoughts….
Extra reading:
THE FOLLOWING by a “Seventh-day” and creation believer in the soon “Advent” of Christ, an SDA ASTRONOMER:

EXPLAINS OUR UNIVERSE as HAVING BEEN created billions of years, before God decided 6,000 years ago to pick up where He had left off on our planet, as His final “crowning glory” creation act (Heb. 2:6-7).


The Bible and Astronomy
Dr. Mart de Groot,
Pastor, Irish Mission,
Astronomer, former Director of Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland.

1. Genesis 1: 1, 2. Richard Davidson has argued on literal, linguistic, stylistic, theological, and other grounds that verses 1 and 2 of Genesis 1 cannot be considered an introductory summary to the rest of the chapter, nor the account of an initial creation that was destroyed as a result of sin (17).

He defends the view that the first two verses describe the initial creation, by God, of matter before Day 1 of creation week, and that the state of that earlier creation was one of tohu and bohu. This is the traditional view of the majority of Christian and Jewish interpreters, also called the ‘initial unformed-unfilled’ view.

I accept this view as the one that has greatest promise of understanding the Bible’s account of the origin of the Universe.

In this view, the first two verses of Genesis 1 are to be separated from the rest of the chapter because they describe what happened at an earlier, ‘in-the-beginning’, epoch or era.

I consider this an essential element in our understanding of the origin of all things, and an indispensable ingredient for the harmonisation between the scientific and biblical views.

The account of the origin of the world as we know it on our planet is then given in Genesis 1:3-31, the account of the Creation Week.

2. What was created during the Creation Week?
According to the traditional view, God always existed – He is from eternity – and His creative work began at a determined moment in time. This ‘in the beginning’ is some – maybe considerable – time before the start of Creation Week .

There is, therefore, time for the creation of matter in whatever form before Day 1 of verse 3. In fact, there may be ample time for the creation of a variety of things.

Can we determine what was created before Day 1 and what after?

In his book “The Age of the Universe: What are the Biblical limits?” (18), Gordon Gray presents an interesting and novel way of looking at the creation account in Genesis 1.

He suggests what he calls the ‘subtraction method’ as a valuable tool in determining what was created during the six days of creation.

By starting at the end of Genesis Chapter 1 and going back in time, eliminating things as they were created, one arrives at what, if anything, was already in existence at the beginning of Day 1. ….”. http://fae.adventist.org/essays/31Bcc_159-181.htm
CAVEAT: The following is a SAMPLE of the statements I have made:

“The cosmos depicts OUR ONE GOD as Infinite, complex as the galaxies, varied as the many colored stars, mysterious as all the gases, dark matter and dark energy, and on and on!”


CAN HE TRULY BE GOD, and created matter?!

What I’ve attempted to do is reveal the symbolism pointing to His character, just as Adam is the image of God, and through analyzing Adam, we may know a little of God, His plans – our future.

The Earth is also used to reveal a little of God, but GOD is not of the EARTH, nor is HE a PART of the EARTH (or IN the EARTH, or IN anything He has created) – Yet GOD does DWELL in our HEART. JUST as He dwells in the HEAVENLY sanctuary. BUT GOD IS NOT A PART OF THE SANCTUARY. Nor can we EVER hope to BE GOD.

Lucifer HOPED to BE GOD – and you see where that got him!

GOD’S nature is completely radical from our OWN nature and natural surroundings. But we can see the works of God and the workings of GOD in our natural surroundings. We can know of His physical beauty in the things we see; AND through the study of Adam and Eve’s physical beauty.

God bless everyone


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