8 Planets, God’s Glory




1 Star,
2 Satellites

GOD Symbolized In Heavens

KEY INFO With some scripture MEANINGs:


This is a Continuation of: “How Old the Universe?…”

a) #8 = Infinity, which in turn is the number for Jesus Christ, Creator of the Universe.

b)“Planets”= symbols for

•The Godhead;
•His Image/Adam & Eve & Cover;
•God’s People Groups/The Adam Nation & Woman Church (and The Covering Nation)

c) Worlds/Planets are made with

•arteries (rivers);
•veins (streams)
•head & feet (N&S Poles)
•Heart (Inner Motor/nuclear fission or fusion?)
•skin & pores (mist rises from the porous soil)
•lungs (breathe/expand in & out
•they have 8/9 openings (depending-counting Pineal+)
•womb (described in Job 38:8, 29)
•aura (atmosphere invisible, or visible Aurora Borealis)
•etc., (other features similar to the body)

+scientist recognize the Pineal Gland as a spiritual eye, so a vortex (invisible) opening seems to exist. As well, the visible openings of mouth (North Pole-what goes in) and a flow through opening for wastes (South Pole-what goes out). Of course there are cave openings for ears, eyes, and nostrils (naturally, placement of these openings are similar, but NOT exact)
SUN – Solar System.
Star-provides sustenance to all
Son of God-Rev.10:1
“his face was as it
were the sun, and
his feet as pillars of.
“Sun of Righteousness” -Malachi 4:
Gives us warmth&light
Pre-incarnate, Michael & the risen Jesus Christ – Acts 7:30-38,
Our Creator & Sustainer from beginning to end

Earth’s barren Satelite, became a substitute for “lesser light”Ge.1 Spirit & Father
Rev.12:1 — Reflects glory of Outer & Inner Sun (Father dwelling in man’s heart –

Rev.14:1 — Woman Church with halo of Holy Spirit, signifies God dwelling in her heart.

Aurora Borealis is seen as God dwelling in the interior

The Inner ROCKY Planets
Mercury*- dry & hot
Hybrid Man
Planet Closest to Sun
DNA of man & beast fused (Gen.6:2; Lev.18:23-25; 20:15-16; 3SG83); worse cases closest to God/Son/Sun, as evidenced in the strange creatures, “the 4 beasts,” who are NOW (at this moment) closest to God’s throne (all that can be saved, will be saved for God’s glory). The 4 beasts will soon step back, to make room for the 144,000, who are the ones that will have a similar experience as their Master, Jesus, during the time of “Jacob’s Trouble” – Rev4-7; Jer.30:7; Matt.24:21-22; Dan.12:1. They will sing a new song, as the “song of Moses.”

Venus* – clouds of yellow & white
Holy Spirit
Only Planet that draws closest to Earth
At the dawn of creation, Venus was as the Sun.
After the Great Flood, it drew further from the Earth, with occasional close calls

Earth*- dry land & seas
Son & Adam, (now woman) Originally, before sin, dry land had dominion
After Great Flood, seas covered 70% of our planet.
NOW symbol of “woman [who] compassed man”-Jer.31:22 [scripture below]

Mars*-dry & red
Represented Father & woman (now Adam)
Originally, before sin, Mars was covered in water
After Great Flood, Mars lost most its atmosphere, then it’s water – due to planetary collisions, knocking Mars off its axis. This action threw Earth away from Mars & closer to Sun. This was to maintain a more even temperature, after Earth lost its crystal canopy of water/ice.

Mars was one of the “great lights” mentioned in Genesis 1:16. It was “the lesser light” that served in the capacity of the Moon. Our present moon was a substitute for the original “Lesser Light.” It was also Symbol of Father & Woman
The Outer GAS Giants
NASA Photo of scar on Jupiter, after comet hit >>>>>

A protective screen for Earth. It receives the blows that would have landed on us…how like Jesus to reveal Himself in this way!
Jesus Christ In Sanctuary- our God closest to Earth/man, by becoming our next of “kin” Largest Planet, Red Spot – symbol of sword pierced through His side
This largest planet acknowledges God’s Son, Creator God, as looming very large (as was Adam).

Just as before the Great Flood, the “dry land” had greater mass on planet Earth, than the pockets of large lakes (“seas” – which are symbolic of The Father and Eve).

Later, this was turned upside down, as Eve became dominant, when she (without Adam) made the decision to eat the forbidden fruit. The planet Earth, in sympathy, then revealed this dominance by turning the “seas” into massive and restless waves.

The “red spot” of Jupiter is the final result of that outcome of disobedience and dominance of woman. When God’s Son was born of a virgin on planet Earth, he relinquished His dominant role over to The Father. This was symbolized by Literal Israel/The Jewish Nation relinquishing their dominant role over to Woman Church.

Woman Church now looms large, as did the Father, and fulfilled the prophecy in Jeremiah 31:22 “A woman shall compass a man.”
•the “woman” surpassing “man” symbolized by “seas” surpassing the “dry land;”
•the “Woman Church” surpassing the “Jewish Nation.”
•Father surpassing Son’s role, on Earth as Controller of Events (Jn14:9-10).
•Also as Governing Head, explained in 1 Corinthians 15:28.
•And seen in the fact that the 144,000 Virgin Bride of Christ will “have His Father’s name on their foreheads” as spoken of in Revelation 14:1
Actual NASA Photo

Next line of defense. He is our Cover & next in line as closest to humans
Holy Spirit – Symbol of halo around about head
Planet’s halo of rings point to holiness within God’s people
The Holy Spirit, before sin, covered the entire human body in a visible aura/rainbow of light, representing a personal holiness derived from within the sinless person. This full rainbow aura is no longer present, but a faint aura does emanate from the individual, through an outside Source (God) dwelling within; signifying that the Holy Spirit is still with all living creatures, sustaining us through the blood of Christ running through our veins – regardless of whether, or not, one is a believer.

All of creation is supported by this life force. That is, if you remain alive. Once dead this life ceases to exist in a personal form. God takes the spirit of life back to Him, and stores our individual information, as a computer would on a “chip.” This information is restored back to the individual on resurrection morn! Occasionally, holy saints exhibit a special halo of light around the head, symbolic of The Spirit within.

Go-Between God & man
Nazarite Jesus wears Father’s blue mantle/train of Samson’s 7 locks (Judges 16:17-20) Axis 97 degrees (E&W) – turns counter clockwise = Christ, The Mediator.”Earth Quake” of sin turned Godhead off its”axis”- especially Jesus, Who gave up His Godly powers for eternity, that He might save mankind, and vindicate His Father.

The 144,000 are Rechabites, who prove that Their Father’s laws can be kept by man, without “The Mediator” and therefore prove that mankind can be trusted, as well as proving God right in trusting the saved for eternity (Heb.9:28). Uranus also represents this group who will be closest to the Father. Man, Like Uranus, turned forever counter clockwise! These wear the Spirit mantle of their Father – Jer.35

The Father- His throne is deep blue sky and brilliant sapphire-Ex. 24:10;& Eze.1:26
Interlocking orbit
The Father suffered in lock-step with His Son (as symbolized by Neptune’s & Pluto’s interlocking orbit).

The Father was never nearer to the Earth, to mankind, to His Son, then when Jesus was dying on the cross (though His sacrificed soul was abandoned by God). It was at this breaking point of the crushing weight of sin upon The Savior of this world, that the Father shielded the Son’s face (the Sun’s face) in a shroud of deep darkness upon the Earth.

He wished to keep His Son’s worse torment, from the jeering masses (Matt.27:42-46)

Plutos orbit goes inside the Neptune circle of orbit and than outside its orbit. They never actually cross orbits. It is like two interlocking rings. They can be positioned where they never actually touch each other. [Pluto’s twin is Charon]

Last Adam took on the defaced Image of God, after wicked man mixed animal/”beasts” DNA with “the sons of God”-before & after The Flood-Gen.6:1-9. Like Pluto, Jesus now has “twin natures”-God&man corrupted by animal DNA

Small, Last, large moon/or Brown Dwarf /Satellite Planet = Humanity of Christ. He took on the worst of humanity, when it had been degraded for 4,000 years. Pluto appears as nearly lost to us – even degraded from planetary status down to a category of possibly a “moon.” It is smaller than our own moon and was not even discovered until recent years.

Close observation have led astronomers to de-classify it downwards from “Planet” in status, to a mere “Moon.” This move broke the hearts of many children (& adults). The degrading of puny Pluto, is symbolic of man’s puny status among the many great civilizations of the Universe.

Though our case may seem hopeless to all the angelic beings, and all the sinless worlds throughout the vast domain of space, we are important to God, Who has not only saved us, but has elevated us, and has included us in His kingdom – and, even better than that, we will be elevated above ALL creation, including the lofty angelic host and of the holiest beings ever created over the billions of years (Hebrews 1 & 2; 11:1; Job 38:1-9, 28-30).

We shall be called “holiness to the LORD,” “kings and priest,” “children of The Most High God,” “the Virgin Bride,” adopted by “The King” of Creation, “That Holy One,” “wonderful Counselor, The Everlasting Father,” “Redeemer,” “Savior,” “our next of Kin,” our Heavenly Brother,” “Jesus, The Christ, Son of The Living God”!
*4 planets closest to Sun are all “Rocky Planets” inside the Kyper Belt

[reference for Earth “MEANING”: Jeremiah 31:22 “…the LORD hath created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man.”]

**4 planets furtherest from the Sun (on other side of the rocky Kyper Belt) are all “Gas Giants.”

[Pluto is considered a “Brown Dwarf” – not a full sized planet]
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(Well, I’m not exactly thrilled about that one either. I use an iPad and can’t find a decent “free” Chart App)


2 thoughts on “8 Planets, God’s Glory

  1. I always love the perfection which God has on “display” for us every day! It is in the book of Job where he speaks of the “stars which ‘sing’ “. Scientists discovered that is true all these years later.

    Great post…



    1. Submitted on 2014/09/26 at 6:45 pm | In reply to The True Light!.
      Thanks friend, for your encouragement and comment about the “singing stars.”

      I value your in-put.

      I believe the “singing stars” (& planets) were especially audible in the evening, as a lullaby for our early ancestors, when they laid down upon their grassy pillows — as well as a soft “wake-up” call in the early morn.

      From years of research, I found that the ice crystal canopy overhead (biblically supported) provided a magnifying lens for which to view the magnificent scenes of the procession of planets and stars, dancing across their “Milky Way.”

      Then let’s not forget, that the “stars which sing” (a literal fact) are also symbolic of all the angelic beings that dwell in heavenly abodes. For every literal part of creation, God has a representation.

      This is another way God has in communicating… as well as that mystery of DNA in every atom which unfolds to us, not only how a thing was made, but what deep significance each letter holds.

      (We are told, by the studious Rabbis, that the first chapters of Genesis was dictated to Adam by God. How do they know? Because of the DNA of the first 7 Hebrew letters, alone – not to mention other stunning facts!)

      There is language in every blade of grass,
      and mote that floats upon His airy stream.
      The Artist with broad strokes that paints our sky,
      Hopes someday we know all the reasons why.

      We may spend a billion, billion years
      Just to find every word God had to say
      About the lowly rock we sit upon,
      And ponder all the wonders thereon…

      God bless,


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