Moses’ Military Bible Tactics



Photos: (Right) Cave of Jethro (Moses’ father-in-law). Inside writings found of the lives of Jethro and his family. (Left): A well locals call “Ber Musa” or Moses well: 28°29’9.47″N – 35° 1’6.97″E. Photo 5 of 29 See 💕 below for credit

#1: Deceive your enemy. This is not lying. God approves of this. God has done it.
—•The Hebrew midwives deceived Pharaoh in order to save lives, and God rewarded them (Ex.1:15-22).
—•God told Moses to deliberately tell Pharaoh that He wanted only to go a three day journey in wilderness for Hebrew children to just worship Him (Exodus 3:15-18). When Pharaoh had realized he’d been tricked, then furiously chased them down with his army. 1⃣

#2: like Moses, God will send a leader well versed in military tactics, to move a large number of people to safety. This leader will be quite ancient, even in comparison to biblical references – or all known scientific references up to this date, excepting for one study, which is that of longevity, whereby cells have ability to regenerate indefinitely, under ideal conditions. 2⃣
—•this leader (like Moses) lived among God’s people, had gone through the finest education, leads or has led many military personnel and is familiar with military tactics of biblical proportions.
—•he has been sequestered away by God, for just such a time as this!
—•he is, or will be prepared to move, when God visits him and gives the signal
—•he may or may not know that God is going to soon call him.

#3: Moses was familiar with organizing large masses of people into manageable military groups
—•Moses’ military training made him the perfect candidate for God to use, to move a great mass of people through enemy lines, across impossible barriers and eventually to wander 40 years through the valleys of death – the Saudi Arabia desert. 3⃣

#4: Moses was familiar with where the best routes out of Egypt were. He knew where Egyptian military towers were (and still are today) where sentinels were posted. He knew to sidestep these towers.

#5: Moses had heard of the phenomenon of strange winds blowing over the Gulf of Aqaba, a natural land bridge composed of dense sand, and the possibility of there being an opening there. The Spirit led him to the Nuweiba Beach, a very large beach where a million people could gather comfortably – see map.

—•God has prepared this Last Day Moses type to likewise know the best routes, to and from destinations, with detailed accurate maps.

—•God has prepared this Last Day Moses type to likewise know the best routes, to and from destinations, with detailed accurate maps.
—•God’s people will have another “Red Sea” experience. It is guaranteed!

image💕 4⃣

#6: Moses had great faith in God, which grew more and more through each of the successive judgments God sent upon the Earth. The 10 plagues of Egypt were judgments. God never intended to wipe the people out and off the land, or destroy the land totally.
—•Yet as Pharaoh continued to harden His heart, each succeeding plague became more severe, until the last plague of killing the firstborn.
—•this last plague was designed to also affect God’s Own people, unless they followed specific detailed instruction from God to protect themselves. That is, the placing of lamb’s blood on doorposts.
—•the 10th plague is a WARNING to God’s people. So far, we have been receiving God’s judgments in the land, only. However, when God sends the 7 Last Plagues of Revelation upon the world, it is too late to change sides (which was quite different than the 10 plagues of Egypt – Revelation 15)
—•The world will be sealed either for God or for Satan (the devil, Lucifer… that great red dragon of Revelation 12:9) 5⃣


#7: Moses was told to move the people out of the land, as soon as it was known, who’s God’s people were. HOW DID MOSES KNOW who God’s people were?
—•God’s people were those who weren’t busy burying their dead firstborn son that early morn.
—•God’s people were those, who killed the “Passover” lamb, applied it’s blood on the the doorpost and lintel of their home, in order to be preserve their firstborn son. the lamb was roasted whole. Then eating their fill of flesh, were well fed and ready to move out that morn, and sustained by that meal for 7 days (Exodus 12:3-14).
—•God’s people are those that take the great victorious spoils of war. They are the ones wearing the precious gold of God’s character upon their flesh (“the golden wedge of Ophir” – Isaiah 13:12-22). And have the pure refiner’s silver within their being (Malachi 3:3-5)

This is symbolic of Christians, sealed in God’s 10 commandment word, applying the blood of Jesus Christ our “Passover” Lamb on the doorpost and lintel of their hearts. These same people have patiently waited for Christ to come. The have “the patience of the saints.” And these same people have kept God’s 10 Commandments, as did the early Israelites. These same people will have and “keep… the faith of Jesus” – just as Revelation 14:12 tells us.

Then having eaten God’s Word, Jesus’ “flesh and blood” and traveling on the strength of that meal for a great protective place apart from the final scenes of Earth’s death throws!

This then is when the entire Earth is convulsing, as the planets and sun are being displaced by the GREAT MASS of angelic beings, numerous representatives of all the sinless planets gathering from the far reaches of the universe, converging on a single point in the heavens, as a “black cloud” growing into a “white cloud” of angelic beings, surrounding our victorious conquering “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”
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1⃣  See my 30 page documentation that deceiving a wicked enemy is NOT lying. God does NOT burn people in the “lake of fire” for deceiving the wicked (Rev.21:8 is NOT applicable here). God Personally used these tactics in the past, and had informed His Old Testament ancients to use these maneuvers and is preparing us to use these same tactics.

In fact, there is proof that church people who do NOT understand the definition of what God means by “lie, liar and lying, will then cross the line and BETRAY God’s people, as Matthew 24:10-16 says. Whereas, some of those who are the children of the world will NOT betray, because they are WILLING to deceive the wicked in bold ways (“the children of the world are wiser than the children of God” – Luke 16:8)

🔺here is an example of God telling his people to deceive the enemy in 2 Samuel 15:32-34; 17:7-23
🔺another example is when God told the righteous prophet to deliberately deceive Saul in 1 Samuel 16:1-2; after God just declare in 1Samuel 15:29. I have many, many, many such examples. Ask for my 30 page documentation on “The Lie, and Root of Betrayal.” God is a merciful God. If a doctrine cannot be reconciled with the PRIME doctrine, “God is Love” – then, it is not to remain -1 John 4:8
2⃣ I just was reading about one such study in “Discover” magazine, Sept.2014 issue, article:”Forever Young”
3⃣ (see the YouTube video on the evidences of this bold military move, by a radical believer in God, Moses, with an unruly mass of despairing ex-slaves and their murmuring grumpy rabble rousing tag-along Egyptian former slave masters:

4⃣ 💕
map site and credit for inspiration to this “Post”:
5⃣ In Rev.16:9, we see those that received these plagues are “sealed” in that “they repented not,” “And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory.”

Jesus says in Revelation 22:11-12 “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.”

Please “like”/hate, “comment,” “follow” or don’t “follow” 😀 – but let me know what you think, and I promise I won’t get mad at any serious, honest replies. I might get sad 😦 but not mad :-/😝

I don’t get my feelings hurt (very easily) and just ❤ it, when someone even notices that I “Post” (not to mention that they actually “read” what I post!) 🙂


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