Umbrella β€’ Our Shade to World’s GlarE πŸ˜³


imageWho Do We Think We Are?

Are we better than others? Not if we’re living in sin. We may get frustrated with those around us, but they are equally frustrated with us.

We try to tell others how to live, when we ourselves are not living up to the light we have.

Let us pray for others, and doubly pray for ourselves, that WE might be converted in order that the world may believe! And the world will ONLY will believe, when they see our CHANGED lives πŸ˜‡


Also, we are “no better than others” even if we’ve given up ALL known sin! For its by the grace of God that we are transformed.

We may have laid everything on the altar, and have given our bodies up to be burned, but if we have not understanding and “love” for one another, then we are as “a tinkling cymbal” (1 Corinthians 13).

“Love,” of course meaning that we “esteem” the things of others “better than ourselves” (Philippians 2:2-5) πŸŒŸπŸ‘­πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬
BALANCE to: “Who Do We Think We Are?”

I thought the above was okay, but evidently it was lacking something.

For every truth there is a biblical counter-balance:

Yes, we are to err on the side of “mercy,” but we are not to forsake “justice.”
“There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 16:25

Though it is true, “we are no better than others,” there will be folks who then would dishonor and abuse you, not only to your hurt, but to those around you, and to themselves.

If you allow them to control your life, while they are not in control of theirs, then “mercy” is no help, and every one loses.


“Justice” must be exercised for those people around us who are “out of control.”

Paul of the Bible, had addressed this problem.

It appears that there was trouble in Paul’s day especially concerning the “young busybody widows” and dead-beat dads.

You may apply Paul’s advice to a broad range of people you may know.

Paul’s advice in 1 Timothy 5, all boils down to this:
We are not to allow reckless, idle people to ruin our lives, and the lives of our family. We are not to encourage their selfish lifestyle in any way, by giving in to their demands. This type of person has no respect for you, much less for themselves.

Next time they ask something unreasonable of you, do yourself and them a favor – say, “no.” After all, they indicate (by their actions) that they really don’t care much for you, except to serve their purpose.

What is it that I hear you say? “But they ‘love’ me and I ‘love’ them.”

Well, consider this:
True “Love” is NOT an emotion, it’s an action that serves for the benefit of others around you. If all you’re doing is making it easier for them to get away with something, then sooner or later they will come crashing down, bringing OTHERS with them!

Then, what will you tell God ON Judgment DAY?


It’s true, we all make mistakes – but let’s not nail our foot to the floorboards. Or else we’ll just keep going around in circles to nowhere. How about we all try to make improvements in the way we do things.

Hope this helps πŸ’ž


Thank you for reading my “post” and your “comment” – which would make me very happy! ☺️ – yes, that’s right…even if you “hate” 😁 what I say β€” At least you read it and thought about it. That’s all that I can ask 😘 …well maybe


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