Universe Unfolded, Our Planet, His Plan!

This is too good, too significant to be ignored

Raw Word of God

This Post continues “How Old the Universe…?”

The universe was created to demonstrate God’s great age. All of what will be discussed concerning God and man, most of which, will be taken from Genesis 1 & 2, unless otherwise noted.

After God created the universe, He left our planet void, formless and alone for a great long time (how long exactly, is not quite known).

This long span is symbolic of the eonic eternal pasts. A time incomprehensible to all beings. A time that always was – a place where God existed… before He created time, space and matter.

God is outside His creation. God was never physical matter. He does not operate as a Being with “time, space and matter” constraints. He can be dimly comprehended through all He has created.

God was prolific in His creation, before He created man, God created myriad of…

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