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In Kenya authorities were looking for a 12-year-old girl who had disappeared. She had been kidnapped by several men. They tried to force her to marry one of them. After a week of searching, she was finally found surrounded by 3 lions.

They had heard her crying. They chased the men away and kept her safe. When police got there they roared mightily and walked away to let them take the girl home.” [original text]*

My note: When the lions heard her whimpering cries, they had gone to investigate – this is only natural, in that distressed animals are easy to recognize in their cries, which usually indicates age as well, and generally will make a quick meal.

she probably stood there frozen in place and terrified, as the 3 lions ran to where they all were. The lions were confused, in that she did not act like a prey animal…after all, humans are not on the prey list (usually).

Most likely the lions had previously fed well and thus not starving – so, they surrounded her to keep her caged in, until they figured out what they should do with her. Eventually, she sat down & so did the lions – or vice versa. At some point during that week, the little girl became a “pet” – animals have been known to adopt pets, when they are not hungry & are loathe to eat their “pet” when later they are hungry!

When the police arrived a week later (about the time they were beginning to feel hunger pangs), it was necessary for angels to drive the lions away from the girl (a lion or two may have been ready to give into their needs).

It was also necessary to protect the police from the lions, as well as keep the police from shooting this poor girl’s companions – to prevent her from being further traumatized. She most likely had begun to stroke their fur, as she had grown accustomed to her new found “friends” – surmising that they probably would never do her harm (as little naive girls are wont to fantasize).

We can pretty well determine that indeed the angels drove the lions away from the scene entirely, because of the animals’ loud protestations. How is their bellowing an indicator of the 3 lions’ unwillingness to leave? Let’s look at several clues:

1) they had felt the girl was theirs when they drove evil men away, who to the 3 lions, recognized that these men had demonstrated that she was “their captive.” They did not wish to eat the men, but to merely take the men’s little hostage. They felt a certain victory in having attained her.

They correctly guessed that the men were not her protector – so, they would not make a major investment to keep her safe, as would, let’s say for example, that of a mother bear with her cub – or some other animal that the lions would recognize as a competitor guarding one’s young. the risk factor in stealing this prey from the men would then be minimal, and a certain comeradery among the lions would be beneficial for the 3. They would have been angered in that their prize was stolen.

2) after maybe a week of acclimation to the girl and the fact she may have reached out in friendship – they then might had formed an emotional bond with her; though all the lions may not have been in total agreement with that assessment – yet they probably were still confused as to what to do with her & would have been angry to leave behind their prize or their “friend” – however the case may be.

3) their stomachs were rumbling and might have been frustrated with having to give up such an easy meal & angry at having their supper snatched away

4) they had recently chased off some pretty tough characters (and don’t think the lions did not notice these men to be pretty rough and unpredictable), but the police before them may have had kinder faces – and seem as softer targets. They could have had a bigger meal planned! And were frustrated at a missed opportunity – their roaring as they left the scene, while escorted by angels, would have been a reasonable assumption — why else would they leave at all? It certainly would not seem out of “love” for this child & now there are some nice people to take her home!

5) we have biblical examples:
a) animals driven by unseen angels in a direction they clearly did not wish to go – read about it in 1 Samuel 6:7-12. These animals “lowed”/ bellowed, in frustration & sorrow
b) and the story of Daniel in the lion’s den in Daniel 6:16-24. In this case, it was clear that angels held the mouths of lions shut. These lions had been purposely starved just for this occasion. They knew the routine – soon a meal would come.

When Daniel was rescued (after an overnight stay) his enemies and their families were food for the lions instead – this time the lions did not hesitate & made short work of their reward

The short story above and my assessment of it, is just an example of God’s gift that He has given, in order that we may more fully see into the stories of the Bible. The fleshing out of Bible stories and perhaps connecting them to current events, or the history of our world, or the amazing works of God’s hands – such as the vast universe, the molding of man from clay and the “building” of woman from Adam’s side (see margin in Genesis 2:22) is God’s way of expanding our knowledge of Him and for the salvation of souls.

Not everyone may have this gift. It is best if you do not set out, as your goal, to bring your own take on these Bible stories. This writer started out nearly 30 years ago, as a reluctant early morning reader of the Bible, but never gave up – & would begin at 5:30 every morning; and eventually found that 5:30 was not early enough. It was pushed back further and further, until 3:00 am was the norm (& at times 2:00am).

Nevertheless, no matter how long I studied the Bible, I was loathe to quit, in order to go to work. For nearly 20 years or more (?), I read the Bible as is – with no embellishments. However, God kept putting thoughts into my head, that were supported by other texts or extra-biblical studies – whether presented by scientist or proven known facts, or not.

Most connections made sense, but sometimes I would vehemently protest to the Father, that certain thoughts could not be correct and that maybe they were my thoughts and not His! There were times I would be so perturbed that I would simply not study the matter any further – yet God would persist most of the times and when He would purposely insert an outside fact or repeatedly led me to certain scripture, then I would be sufficiently intrigued again to continue that particular search.

At times, God’s interventions were downright hilarious – such as the time He gave me answers to my questions/concerns in a crossword puzzle – using 3 whole words intersecting each other (I believe. I know that the alignments were unusual & very obvious – I wish I knew what I did with that). Sometimes His answers ( or clues) would be on Billboards or buildings or someone would say something to me. The reason I believe that God kept speaking to me about these (sometimes) unusual findings is that I was not looking to promote what I was doing. Only, a few times I even would tell my husband – but usually I wasn’t pushy with him – oh maybe a few times I got pushy.

When I was a child God gave me an interest in language, especially English. I loved to write stories but mostly poetry. I have been a little hardheaded for years – the Holy Spirit would be speaking to me, but I thought it was my own thoughts – not His,so…I would find myself in situations that should have not happened if I had only listen. A few years ago, thank God my husband told me that the voice I would hear in my head was The Spirit. So Charlie taught me to pay attention – I also started to carefully pay attention to words people used.

Words do mean something – these talents have been also helpful when working with CRSB as a fund raiser and missionary for the blind. I learned how to phrase my words when speaking with businesspersons, or how they applied to the blind to give them uplifting words.

I soon realized words are powerful – whatever comes out of your mouth, even in jest has profound impact upon a persons life – doesn’t Jesus tell us, 

“But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned” (Matt.12:36-37)

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