🙅🙅🙅 Wrong Sex ?! 🙅🙅🙅

What I mean is:

What’s Wrong With Sex (before wedding)?!

Well – when God tells us “No” there’s more to it, than, “Because I said so!

There is always some psychological, physical or spiritual damage done, when a person goes against God’s clear command of: “Don’t Do That!

Those who study DNA have found that a woman receives a piece of male DNA in her brain tissue when she has intercourse (they are pretty sure — studies are on-going).

AND they have found male DNA in women who have given birth to male children 🅰

Psychologists will tell you there is emotional trauma in pre-marital fornication. Pastors will tell you there are spiritual consequences in sex before marriage. AND, Doctors will tell you there is a likely-hood that you will catch sexually transmitted diseases.

Shall I go on – or is that enough?
🅰 Posted 08 August 2013 – 09:04 AM (Edited by Maryanni, 08 August 2013 – 09:40 AM.)

“Researchers have found DNA belonging to men (detected by the presence of Y chromosomes) in women. They could find these by taking blood samples from various body parts and brain tissue. Male DNA can exist inside cells in women’s bodies for decades. This effect was given the name microchimerism. The most studied cause of microchimerism is that originating from the male fetus into their pregnant mothers. However, women who have never been pregnant also had male DNA in their cells and it has been concluded that this was also through sexual intercourse. Semen contains lymphocytes and other cells of the male which can pass into the bloodstream and continue to persist inside organs of women”

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