💝 Mom 🌷

I have no personal complaint, but I know of others who struggle with bitter feelings towards parents.

My mom left me so long ago – she was 55 & I was 26. It was just when I was growing closer to her. Her early demise was due to cancer from 20 cups of brewed coffee everyday.

Poor mom, she never had enough iron in her system, but she was always very active in the Roman Catholic Church, making stunning choir robes, or a laced priest’s alb.

She also made outfits for our activities, such as reversible swim trunks for synchronized swimming 🏊🏼, dresses for me, and darling little dresses for my beautiful daughter 💃🏽 In my teen years, she worked hard as Head Nurse on a 28 bed ward 🏩

When I heard the news, the Holy Spirit immediately spoke to my heart and said that her cancer was due to the 20 cups of coffee. I immediately cut back to 5 cups, and later 2.

When I became a Seventh-day Adventist, 30 years ago, I cut coffee out altogether…. We are counseled that it steals from our energy reserves and much worse ☕️

If you are a mom, you may want to think about preserving your health in order to spare your children from too much grief 😢
I thought the quote below might help. God bless everyone who reads 💝

“Show No Retaliation Against Unjust Parents—Said one of her mother, “I always hated my mother, and my mother hated me.” These words stand registered in the books of heaven to be opened and revealed in the day of judgment when everyone shall be rewarded according to his works” – {Adventist Home 362.1}

“If children think that they were treated with severity in their childhood, will it help them to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ, will it make them reflect His image, to cherish a spirit of retaliation and revenge against their parents, especially when they are old and feeble?

“Will not the very helplessness of the parents plead for the children’s love? Will not the necessities of the aged father and mother call forth the noble feelings of the heart, and through the grace of Christ, shall not the parents be treated with kind attention and respect by their offspring?

“Oh, let not the heart be made as adamant as steel against father and mother! How can a daughter professing the name of Christ cherish hatred against her mother, especially if that mother is sick and old? Let kindness and love, the sweetest fruits of Christian life, find a place in the heart of children toward their parents” – {Adventist Home 362.2}😘


love you guys – hope everyone has a happy mom’s day! 👒👵🏼


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