🐎ISLAM…the 4th Horseman on the Pale Green Horse?🏇🏿

You ask the Question:
“Is ISLAM the 4th Horseman on the Pale Green (“chlōros”) Horse?”


Here is the Answer:
Traditional interpretation of 7 seals is the “Political History” that the church finds itself in🔸…

The 4 HORSES are merely the 1st 4 seals of “7 seals,” depicting where we are in history

It is Jesus, the Lion & the Lamb, in Revelation 5:1-9, Who opens these 7 seals written in the “book”/scroll….He is the only One qualified to do so

Revelation is full of 7’s signifying Christ’s work in His church.
It is to His Church that Christ is writing to…NOT the WORLDimage

PROPHECY is given for COMFORT to the Church –
to know that God knows “the end from the beginning” (Isa.46:9-10)
“…Wherefore, COMFORT one another with these words” (I Thess.4:7-18)
“For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto holiness” (v.7)

“Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like Me, DECLARING the END from the BEGINNING, and from ANCIENT times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure”
Jesus speaks to His apostles (& us) the Church
WHEN He tells them prophecy “before it come” WHY?
FOR THEY TO “believe” that it is He, Jesus, Who is that true risen Messiah!

Jesus says to us in John 13:19 〰
“Now I tell you BEFORE it come, that, when it is come to pass, ye may BELIEVE that I Am He”🌹

SO PROPHECY is BEST explained as we SEE it unfolding 📜 – rather than “worrying” over what the future holds, SO that what Jesus had told us, we “may BELIEVE that I Am He” AND KNOW that HE (the True Messiah) is WITH His Church,

AND that we may know the “MYSTERY of His WILL”

BECAUSE of the predicted prophecies, as “PREDESTINATED” of His Church…

OUTLINED in Ephesians 1:4-10

Here is that CLASSIC view – & a VIP view at that ! : (below)

But FIRST ~~~~~
Here is a “quickie” outline of Revelation & the Church:
• 7 angels/7churches – Religious History of Church (Rev. 1,2,3)
— Rev. 4 reveals a snap-shot of God’s Heavenly Throne*
• 7 seals – Political History of which church is in middle (Rev.5,6)
— Rev. 7 reveals the comfort of the Church
• 7 trumpets – Military History in which Church finds itself (Rev.8,9,11)

* further study of Rev.4 reveals Great Hope for God’s people of the Earth
KNOW THIS: the Hebrew mind was capable of understanding scripture in layers – or in more than one type of fulfillment —
🚩The Hebrew mind looks upon scripture as a hologram
🚩The Western mind looks upon scripture as a level plane to cross over

For EXAMPLE, prophecy could have more than one fulfillment – it could have a second fulfillment, or secondary meaning – usually symbolic of the 1st fulfillment

Then, we have types and symbols that open out to us in the true stories and history of the Bible, pointing to Christ and His ministry – ALL scripture points to Christ

This study could be as simple as the sacrificial lamb of the Old Testament, which pointed to Jesus as the True Sacrificial Lamb of the New Testament

OR, a more complex,
Such as John the Baptist, who came in the “spirit of Elias”/Elijah whose beheading was a shock, in that Elijah was taken in a chariot of heaven, ALIVE – yet Jesus (as the fulfillment of Elisha the prophet, who came after John the Baptist/Elijah) DID die, as foretold (II Kings 2:11-13; I Kings 19:19-21, )

AND, yet another layer,
In that the “spirit of Elijah” is to return in the Last Days, as given us in Malachi 4, as “the Spirit of Prophecy” for the Church, CULMINATING in the Victorious King Jesus coming in the chariot of Heaven to pick up His LIVE cargo of 144,000 Elijahs! 🔹
There’s the prophecy of Revelation 11:8,
“And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the GREAT CITY, which SPIRITUALLY is CALLED SODOM and EGYPT, where also our Lord was crucified”

And THIS prophecy is identified as fulfilled in the French Revolution of 1789-1799…

BUT, who can deny, that we who are alive today, are NOT living in a modern day secondary spiritual fulfillment of Revelation’s 11:8 “SODOM and EGYPT” !?

SO, then we come to the Political environment that the Church finds herself living in today – is it NOT almost under
• the “White” flag &”Sun” god of Babylon’s Church of Rome (usurped from Christ)?,
• the “Red” Blood flag of NWO “Stars,” (fallen stars/angels) who rule the world?,
• the “Black” god of death, in this world/Lucifer lurking behind the scene?,
• the “Green” flag & crescent “Moon” of Islam?

[forgive the artistic license in the use of “flags” or…maybe not]

We are now seeing this prophecy come to past for the Last Day, whereby there will be (we are told) only “Two Banners” under which the people are controlled:
— either under the White Banner of Emmanuel,
— or, under the “Black Banner” of the “Sun, Moon & Stars” of Solomon’s day*

*[that double symbolism I told you about – does God also have that in Rev.12:1?]

🙈 Babylon is typically represented by the worship of the “Sun“☀️of which was passed onto Pagan Rome, on whose Banner & Shields was their god, the Sun. AND was passed onto Spiritual Rome, who has at the center of their worship the “Sun” (& stars?)🔻

🙉 Islam is typically represented by the crescent “Moon” 🌙 (& star) on its green flag – by some, the moon was seen as being made of green cheese (interesting) 🌚

🙊 USA is described in Revelation 13:11,12,17 And is seen as having on its Banner, the “Stars” 🌟 – our admiration of the flag comes close to its worship

AND Satan is behind the scenes, as the Black Banner, on which are inscribed: “Sun, Moon & Stars



We teach (in our schools) to look to the Sun, Moon & Stars for guidance, as well as soaking in the “light” from these orbs, as a spiritual exercise –

SO, we now have the young people who are
🌞”Sun Gazing,”
🌝”Moon Gazing” or
⭐️”Star Gazing” –
NOT only as entertainment,
BUT for guidance under the stars, moon & sun;
AND for healing under their influence and even as a form of worship!
🔸AND we find ourselves in good company with old theologians, such as Matthew Henry, whose traditional view of Revelation is ALSO the “historical”
🔹Rev.12:17 & 19:12; then Rev.14:1-5
🔺this is where we get the names for the days of the week: “Sun” day, “Moon” day, etc.

Viewpoints expressed here are the opinion of this author

I am flexible on these views,
IF shown the evidence from the Bible.
Nothing is written in stone, except the Ten Commandments.
The rest of the Bible we see more and more clearly as that day approaches
(I Corinthians 13:9-12)

Sorry for the length of this posting. I’m trying to condense everything I write. Even this posting has been reduced and condensed over and over again
Marion Cheek
MaCh 3

thank you for comments🙋🏼

image THIS view is spelled out by that old & original pastor of Amazing Facts – Joe Cruise:
http://The Pale Green Horse


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