⛅️ What of These “Signs”? πŸ’¨

You know, I woke up thinking that:

β€’ Yes, God is letting us know His “judgment is come” upon the world, as Revelation 14:7 tells us (beginning in the Great Awakening of the 1800s – “really…that far back?”)
β€’ And there ARE “signs & wonders” happening “in heaven & in earth” as Hebrews 12:25-29 reveals for us to take heed (Gen.1:14; Dan.6:27)
β€’ And the people of the Earth know & feel things ARE different than before, as they see “abominations” developing
β€” but not “THE abomination of desolation” mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 24:15
β€” though all the things mentioned in Matthew 24 are happening quickly, such as,

a. “wars, and rumors of wars,”
–“but the End is not yet…”
b. “famines and pestilences”
c. “and earthquakes, in divers places” —

β€’ YET, after the above mentioned things, Jesus DID say: “ALL THESE are the beginning of sorrows. Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you…”

“Peace and Safety, THEN Sudden Destruction” as Paul puts it in I Thessalonians 5?

SO, The MOST dangerous time is when we let DOWN our guard (as in 2 Peter 3:4) thinking everything is going along as it’s always been, or what Jesus said took place “in the Days of Noah” (Matt.24:37-39) – when the people said,

“Rain, what rain?!”

Blessed are those who “comment” – Happy are those who “like” 🌞


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