The Church & Adam

Jesus saw a sea of people, who followed Him,

“….and was moved with compassion toward them, because they were as sheep not having a shepherd: and he began to teach them many things”
(Mark 6:33-34, 35-56)

The sea of life, the sea of people, and Woman Church.
(Compare Matthew 16:18 with Rev.17:1-2, 15)


“Church” is just another word that has replaced the word “ekklΔ“sia”

Which means “called out” ones, or “out of” from where we once were.

So, what are we “called out of” —
I thought we were called into “church”?
(Compare Rev.18:4)

Yes, we are called to come together in assembly.

Yet, most think of the word “church”
β€’ as a building first;
β€’ a group of people second;
β€’ and thirdly, an organization of ALL Christians,
religions or of the denominations many.

It’s usually a place where groups meet who think alike,
Which usually turn into social events, much like a social club,
And many activities to foster good-will in the community.

Not one of which definitions is wrong or bad (except for the many
Fractures/denominations). All are a good base to begin with.

But what does God mean or intend for us to understand?

We can only begin to clear up the fuzziness, when we go back to Adam and Eve.

EVE is a demonstration of God’s Church throughout 1/3 of human history.

ADAM represents the church as united as one image of God —
The Father and His Son, from the beginning of time
(see Genesis 1:26-28).

EVERYTHING was “good” up to that point,
In fact, everything was “very good” as God tells us in Genesis 1:31
“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”

There is NOTHING that God creates that is Never “Good” —
So, what’s up with Adam, when God says about him,
“It is not good that the man should be alone”?!
(Genesis 2:18-22)

What’s “NOT Good”?!
God was saying something was “not good” with Adam, before he sinned.
Was this God’s fault?

God was alerting us to the fact that something would indeed happen
To His church that “Was Not Good”!

It was not His design ever, that man would feel “ALONE” –
That’s never a “good” thing that man (woman or child) feel alone.
This Feeling is Never Good.

WHAT is GOD saying?!
God does a “show and tell” to demonstrate what He means by “not good.”
He actually had to put Adam to sleep for this new revelation –

The Angels must have been on the edge of their seat, when they watched God perform Major Surgery on a perfectly “Good” “Image” of Himself – of this ONE man, Adam.

[angels had never seen someone who had 2 parts to be one]

WHAT does this surgery reveal?
This reveals that God, Who is One, would suffer a split,
As “the Lamb slain [cut off] from the foundation of the world”
(Revelation 13:8)

Who does Adam represent,
as that part of God Who would have major surgery?

It is Jesus Who suffered this Major Surgery on the cross!
In order for Woman Church to be brought forth,
Or as one “called out of” Adam and the Last Adam
(1 Corinthians 15:45)

Woman Church had to be carved out of Jesus’ side —
It was a brutal event, similar to when Adam was placed in “a deep sleep.”
Jesus laid His head down, into “a deep sleep.” He had gone where,
“No man has gone before.” (depicted 70AD,through the Jewish Nation)

Jesus tasted of the 2nd death….
That is: The Final Death of the Wicked!


The Roman spear (which was not good) sliced Jesus’ side,
Pouring out “blood and water” — building blocks for Woman,
As a new birth, as she joins with Christ, her husband.
(John 19:33-34)

Yet, Woman Church has only brought forth children who have died,Β As did Eve (see the tragic text of Hosea 9:13)

It is Not until Woman Church receives Christ fully, as her husband,Β That (like God) will live life for eternity, and have “put on immortality”

(1 Corinthians 15:49-56; Rev.12:1)

THEN, GOD will say,
Behold, it is Very Good!

God’s demo to us is so rich, we are forced to take
Only one bite at a time.image

This is just the first bite into the pictograph of Adam and Eve.


to “like” is “human” — to “comment” is “divine” 🎯

Thanks for your input — it is relished with great delight! 😍


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