“Last Adam…. Second Man”

WHY is Jesus called: “Last Adam…. Second Man”?
I Corinthians 15:45,47

This is a “Two Part” answer:
1. The First Part reveals our God – His Image
2. The Second Part reveals God’s Church & its Role

Answer #1 (God’s Image):
Only God could succeed where Adam failed.
If Adam had remained faithful to God & His one visible Law,*1️⃣

He would have born/produced children who would have had no Inner drawing to sin (only outward temptation, as a sinless human) —

No waring of “the flesh against the spirit” (as happened after sin)

Jesus had to come as “the Second Man” In order
To give birth to a Woman Church, that would produce children Who reflect Him and His Image – as Adam gave birth to a Woman, who would bear him children in his “image.”

(Compare Luke 3:38. See also margin reading for Gen.3:20)


The Woman, Eve, gave Adam many children, who came out the womb With the tendency to sin. Though “sinners,” these babes are covered by the blood, & given special mercy, Because they do NOT understanding the concept of “sin, Until the age of accountability.🅰
“The Second Man”
Reveals within its brief description,
Much more Than at first glance.

Adam, “the first man” was complete, without sin.
Before sin, Adam perfectly reflected God’s “Image,”
As described in Genesis 1:26, “Let us make man in Our Image, after Our likeness:”

What we FAIL to ponder upon,
IS that Adam had within him this dual “image” Of God.
We know this is true because of the next statement in verse 27, “in the image of God created He him [Adam in the singular]; male and female made He them [as a dual nature]”

God said, Adam had within him, “male and female” —
In that God named BOTH the male, and the female, “Adam” — As Genesis 5:1-2 describes. **2️⃣

Then, when Christ put “our flesh” upon Himself,
He put upon Himself the nature of man, as “the Second Man,” And effectively took the place of Adam, standing where Adam once stood spiritually⬇️ —

He wore the corrupt flesh that sinful Adam had given Him (the nature given us all) — AND With that corrupt flesh, had the drawing within Him, to be tempted. YET, Christ sinned NOT, Explained in Hebrews 2:16-18; & 4:15 ***3️⃣

⬆️”And so it is written,
The first man Adam was made a living soul;
The last Adam was made a quickening spirit”
1 Cor.15:45
Yet, how is Jesus similar to Adam’s dual image?
Jesus had within Him, The Father’s Presence.
And JESUS is 100% GOD, and 100% Man.
He said, “I and My Father are One” – John 10:30-33
(Beware: we can never fully comprehend God)

Jesus reflected both the “Justice and Mercy” of God.
God’s “judgment,” in the face of “Love”

Adam’s “male” nature reflects “Judgment”;
The “female” nature reflects “Love.”


No one in the universe comprehended this until witnessing
The brutal surgery performed on Adam, in order for
This stark fact to be seen in a living demo, Eve.

In other words, man (Adam) living “alone”
Without the beautiful form of “Love” next to his heart
(his female Counterpart, Eve), would be as Law without Love –
“It is Not Good, that man should be alone”

Two Males Joined in Marriage is Not God’s Image, and by default, “Not Good” — For though there be 2 males joined, they are sadly “alone” without the “female” who is necessary for a balanced life. Each “male” needs one “female” – or, Like Paul, we may choose to be “single”/unmarried, but We are never “alone,” with God’s “Love” inside, As “one flesh” and our Partner, now and then.

Be careful, this “Love” does not invite
A 3rd party, into the marriage bed.
Matthew 19:4-6; 1 Corinthians 12:27

As the psalmist, David once said in Psalm 85:10,

“Mercy [Love] and truth [Law] are met together;
Righteousness [Law written in heart]
And peace [Love for God & man]
Have kissed each other.”

Marriage is a 2 party system,
Which brings forth fruit for partners to enjoy.
The fruit of children are never to be allowed
To take precedent over the spouse…
(Which then would be unhinged).

The Last Adam (like the first Adam) gave birth to His wife.
She (Woman Church) was taken from the land of her birth (Jerusalem), To another section of Eden/Promise Land (USA)
In order that she might be “builded” (as was Eve-Gen.2:22),
And grow into a perfect and beautiful Virgin Bride

For The Father (Woman’s Father & “His”/Christ, The Father’s Son – Rev.14:1, 4) To present her to His Son In the “marriage supper” – For this, our “Last Adam” Rev.19:7-9; 1 Corinth.15:45

Woman is brought to the Father for His approval —
Yet, it is the Bride, Who the Father gives to the Son,
In marriage.

Contrast that with the false “image” of God, the “great whore” of “Babylon” In Revelation 17:1, 5-7, 15, 18. In which is the false Christ, and a false “marriage” As 1 John 2::22-24 warns us, as well 1 John 4:3, 12-15 & 2 John 1:7, 9
FOOTNOTES: (sorry this Post is so long – thanks for hanging in this far)

*1️⃣God’s “one visible law” (at that time)
In Heaven & Eden — Loyalty…Allegiance to God:
◽️ Will we join the ranks of loyal citizens of heaven,
◾️ Or, even by NOT choosing (& so by default) side with Lucifer, the Adversary
**2️⃣ “…In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made He him [Adam]; Male and female created he them [dual nature]; and blessed them, And called their name Adam [Eve was not only a part of Adam, she also bore his name], in the day when they were created.” she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man… and they shall be ONE flesh” – Gen.2:23-24 – emphasis added

AND, Did You Know:
The “male” carries in his body the determining factor for the sex of each fertile egg. The man produces both the “Y” and “X” Chromosome – he either fertilizes with “Y,” The male chromosome, or “X,” the female. These blueprints then pairs up with The “X” – the only Chromosome that woman provides. So that the male child Will have the “YX” Chromosome, and the female the “XX.”

Unfortunately, science has found variations to this, the ideal standard model. There are some born with an extra “X” or an extra “Y” – Genesis 5:1-2
***3️⃣This Jesus did, as our Supreme Example, in order to prove that as we place Upon our corrupt flesh the Spirit Covering of Jesus (the Blood of Christ, Witnessed in the form of His Holy Spirit) we then carry God’s (perfect) nature With us to dwell peaceably in our new home 😌😇😙😚🤗🙌🏽👏🏽
🅰Romans 5:13, 18 gives us this proof
“…sin is not imputed when there is no law [because babes do not know God’s “law”]….[Even though through] the offence of one judgment [death to the “law” breaker] came upon all men to condemnation [& so babes are given the death sentence]; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life [all are judged innocent, until proven guilty].”

As we grow up to accountability, We become more and more aware of our guilt, And accept God as Lord of our heart; Until then, all sins of ignorance⬇️ Are Covered by the Blood of Christ, As well as all sins That have been acknowledged and forsaken.
⬆️Leviticus 4:13-14 deals with sins of “ignorance”
That is why there will be many babes brought up from the grave,
In “the first resurrection.” 🔜Childless women – take hope,
You will have many children to nourish in heaven!🔚
1 Thess.4:15-18; Jeremiah 31:15-17
There is AN exception: Not all babes automatically given a “free gift” of eternal life.
Some have been so severely damaged [mentally] by wicked parents,
that they are not brought up in the resurrection, but are left in the grave,
as if they had never been born.
WE serve a Merciful GOD


“Comment” adored, “like” appreciated ✨
Love you, no matter what you do 💚


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