🍼 “Spilled Milk” πŸ”Ž

“I Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff”

Ever hear anyone say that?
Did you ever stop to think
what IS the “Big Stuff”?

Well, someone might say,
“It’s a gallon of spilt milk on
my new carpet.

“I was just As calm as I could be
about that.”

(This really happened In our
household when I was a child.
Well, the carpet wasn’t “new” –
It was a valued antique).

“However [someone might go on to say]
I freak out at the ‘small stuff,’ Such as
if someone were to hurt My feelings,
whether on purpose,
Or not!”

Have you considered, that the “small stuff”
Might actually BE the “Big Stuff”? You know…
The Big Stuff” that We really should Not

And that,
It is probably healthier for you and your
significant other, that you go ahead
And cry over “spilt milk” …
Do you think ? πŸ€”
MaCh 3
Editor in Chief,
Jesus Christ


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