🎺”Gabriel on Horn to Get God”☎️

Evangelist, Mark Fox & “Miracle on… [Buffalo] Street”
So, I’m listening to this very powerful Evangelist, Mark Fox.,
And I don’t know how, but he just popped up, as soon as I had
Gone to Facebook. I usually listen to him live (lately) – yet, this
Particular day, the live event (at the time) was 5 hours old.

Brother Mark was speaking on “Increasing your Faith”* (you guys
Have got to listen to this one! — I’ll tell you what setting to move
It to — that is, the minute markers you should have at the bottom
Of your screen). *[1]

Well, Brother Mark picked up his cell phone, and said,
“I’ve got Gabriel on the phone – he’s going to go and
Get God on the line”


image Everybody just looked at Bro. Mark. And he said,
“How many HERE, want to talk with God?”

You could hear crickets…
Bro. Mark then quipped,
“Come on you guys, this is just an illustration!”

So everybody loosened up.

He then said,
“Ok, what if this WAS God on the phone, how many
Here would come up to speak to God on the phone?!”

OF Course, Everyone raised their hand – and I must
Admit, including me — yep, I raised my hand high 😇

But Bro. Mark added,
“Well, how many would say: ‘I’ve only got a minute,
I’m going to have to go pretty soon’?”

Guess what?
Everybody said,
“No, no, no – I wouldn’t say THAT!”

Yep — me too, I said those very same words.

Then Bro. Mark really zoomed in for the kill,
“Yet, isn’t THAT what you tell God, every time you
Go and pray — Don’t you just stay on your knees
For just a minute and then say, ‘Well, that’s it –
That’s all I’ve got to say’?”

It all made us think really hard. But that’s so true,
We’ve got God on His “Prayer Line” & we don’t
Really appreciate that Fact, like we should.

Well, Brother Mark had many more illustrations in
That “Increase your Faith” Sermon. I didn’t have
Time to watch it all, but I plan on watching the
Rest tonight.

Oh, I almost forgot!
Right after I shut the video Down, in order to take care
of our Cockateel Baby Boy, And rescue dog Dolly,
to feed everybody – (this was Around 4:30 p.m).

(By the way, these animals are the cat’s meow,
I’ll have to tell you about them – sometime)
Anyway, We were all eating and then I had to Step away
For a while, when right afterwards the phone rang.
Guess what the name on the Phone said,
It said, “St Gabriel”!

Can you imagine, Brother Mark was just talking about
Having God’s right hand angel, “Gabriel, on the phone,”
And just about an hour later, here is this call
Coming in that says, “Gabriel” is on the line!?

I hope you’re impressed, I know it sure grabbed my attention…
AND my husband, Charlie, sure was impressed, which is
Not always easy to do that with him.

I’ve even taken a photo to prove it. I thought,
“Whose gonna believe this?!”

So, look at the time, date, and ID on this phone photo —
See for yourself… Incredible!

You don’t think so?
Well, I guess,
“You just had to have been there” 😽
MaCh 3
Editor in Chief,
Jesus Christ
*[1] I’ll POST the link (hopefully) here,
(AND In “Comment” section) *

Brother Mark comes to podium at 39:39 on the minute markers at bottom of screen.

May have to press center of screen to see the feed chart,
And move the “minute” markers.

*PS: the sermon is actually called:
“Your Seventh Hour Miracle”
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🤗

Thank you for your personal “comment” or “like” – your words won’t go out “void”:

Compare Isaiah 55:11 —

“So shall My word [said God] be that goeth forth out of My mouth: it shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”


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