My Friend, Sam 🦄

Some of my favorite animals are draft horses. When a child, I would go see “Sam” — my all white draft horse friend, he would side-step up to the fence so that I could hop on his bare back and off we go.img_1039

He didn’t have a halter either. I had no need for a rein. He was an old plow horse put out to pasture. So all I needed to do was either place my hand on one side of his neck or the other, in order to turn him. Or I could just say “Gee” or “Haw” & he would turn.

“Giddy Up” meant to go faster. I don’t remember the word for stop – it might be “Ho.” But I never used that word at all. Whenever Sam wanted to bring me back to the fence, that’s when we stopped 😘 🦄

I had heard that a 3 year old girl fell off his back & underneath his hoofs, while riding him.

They found him standing perfectly still, with one hoof up, not daring to put it down for fear of hurting the little girl.

No one is quite sure how long he remained there until someone came and got the child.

Boy! I sure do miss that kindly old draft horse, my friend, Sam.



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