Eric, The Terrible

I had a black & tan Doberman Pincher as a child. Gosh, I love these dogs.

His name was Eric. Dad had a friend who was an attack-dog specialist.

Dad told his friend that Eric, though not trained, would attack anyone who came in house unannounced.

That statement was met with unbelief (this was back in the early 50s, before the self-help books were popular).

Dad’s friend suited up, yet thinking,
“piece a cake”

Friend “broke” in our house at nighttime. We had a 2 story home, with two flights of stairs. Eric was at top of stairs & bounded down in two jumps, only landing once between the flights, before his next landing was on top of the guy, knocking the dog trainer off his feet & in a very precarious position.

Dad got Eric off his friend, without a problem. Eric was always obedient. (Though the trainer was a bit shaken).

You should always be prepared to meet a tougher enemy, than what you may think.

Sin in our lives, causes complacency. We may believe we got a handle on the situation, but this attitude is our Achilles’ heal.

The enemy will blind side us, causing us to fall further back in the ranks, through attacks that will shake us to the core.

God has already cut off the head of the Devil. Yet, because we fail to know that through Bible readings, studies and much communication with God, the Devil convinces most that he’s going to come out the winner.

Jesus is our Friend & Protector. Let Him and His angels be our guard dogs. They are waiting for the word from you!

Gosh I miss that dog — my very best friend, & loyal protector, Eric!


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