The Noble Cause…

The Noble Cause β€” more “Noble” than the Most Noble Cause

As Noble as is the Cause of Saving our Planet from Destruction –
We’d be better off focusing on Saving Souls from destruction.
In that ultimately it is sin bringing about all those disastrous
Things we see around us. Convert the human soul to GOD
Then you shall see the end product as love for all things…

From highest mountaintops to deepest trenches of oceans.
From the largest creature down to the smallest organism.
From the grandest theme of majestic proportions,
To the most seemingly insignificant mote
Floating freely in the wind.

When we are GOD’s
We are everything
That is good —
For we are
Saved to
Be His &
Are not
MaCh 3
With Jesus

Thank you for ALL you’ve done to help πŸ‘±πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

God bless your “comment” – your “like” brings cheer to my heart.

Any note would be carefully noted and answered with care.

All responses are prayed over for the answer you need from God.

He truly does listen and has always answered my prayers, as He will answer yours.

This Post contains a special blessing, for I have asked GOD to send angels to travel with all those who read it πŸ•Š



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