What Happened!

People watch and photograph enormous waves as they break, on Porthcawl harbour, South Wales, Monday Jan. 6, 2014.

W-h-a-t ? … Are they crazy? Well, believe it or not, I did a similar thing on Galveston Island, as a hurricane was approaching – only it seemed even more dangerous to me, because the waves were actually shoving me backwards (I was sitting on an unprotected rock jetty), me and others (who I will not name – in order to protect the innocent?) In looking back, it seems we were mesmerized by the waves (& maybe the negative ions – or at least that’s my excuse), and without thinking, we placed ourselves in jeopardy. (I’m feeling a lesson coming on) So, here it is – do you think there is a mass hypnotism going on here in the good old U-S of A? Are we all “into something” that we like a whole lot, just to keep our minds from focusing on the real danger looming ahead? Well…it’s just a thought.

I found this photo on:http://news.yahoo.com/monster-waves-slam-uk-us-storm-172757883.html


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